Tourism in Marrakech

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Tourism in Marrakech

Since Morocco’s independence in 1956 AD, Marrakesh has continued to grow, so important university and cultural facilities and agricultural markets have been established, and it has become a center of tourism, it is worth noting that Marrakech is famous for winter sports, as it is a commercial center for the High Atlas Mountains, desert trade, as well as its airport Internationally.

Tourist places in Marrakech

City market

The old city is the center of attraction in the city, as it contains many markets, such as the Babouj market, the Shawary market which is the carpenters market, the Attarin market that sells perfumes and spices, and the leather sheratin market, and is located to the west of the main market area at the end of the street the Marrakesh tannery.

The battalion collector

The Kutaba Mosque is the most famous landmark in Marrakech with its minaret, which rises to seventy meters, which can be seen miles away from every direction. The mosque was built in 1162 AD, and it is one of the great achievements of Almohad architecture, and it is worth noting that non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Inside the mosque itself.

Ibn Youssef School

Ibn Yusuf School was built in 1565 AD by the Saadians, it is the largest college of Islamic education in Morocco, groups of students gather in the form of small inner courtyards designed in the style of typical Islamic architecture, and also includes many technical aspects, such as: carvings made of cedar wood, and carvings The keffiyeh is used as a decoration in the interior of the courtyard, which makes this city one of the most beautiful buildings and a magnet for it.

The Tomb of the Saadians

The Saadi tomb dates back to the sixteenth century, and is home to sixty-six members of the Saadian dynasty, the strain that ruled Marrakech between 1524-1668 AD, in which the ruler Al-Mansur and his successors, and his close family members, were buried, and it is indicated that the Saadian tombs were besieged by the Alevi caliphs, They were discovered in the early twentieth century.


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