Tourism in Mars

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Since ancient times, man’s dream was to get out of the globe’s field to outer space in order to explore this dazzling and beautiful space and to see other worlds and be able to photograph the outer space, planets of the solar system and even travel to it, so the human dream was achieved to travel to space in 1961 when the Soviet Union sent Astronaut Yuri Gagarin to outer space, and orbiting the globe aboard the Vostok one spacecraft, after Yuri’s eight-year journey, in 1969 AD, the United States sent the first astronaut to land and walk on the moon’s surface and the name of this astronaut was Neil Armstrong the T his journey was the first spark to go to the world of space and walk over the moon, and through this article we will get to know the first tourist space trips and talk about the idea of ​​tourism on the surface of Mars.

The first tourist trips to outer space

With the scientific advancement, especially in the field of spacecraft, some specialized companies appeared to send tourists to space for recreational, scientific and professional purposes, as these trips are still reserved for the rich only, therefore, because of the high price of travel tickets, which in some nomads reached forty million US dollars, so he was the first to travel to Space for the purpose of entertainment and tourism, the American businessman Dennis Teto, in the year 2001 AD, and after that trip a year ago, the South African Mark Shuttleworth traveled to the state space station for the purpose of entertainment and carrying out some scientific research, and in 2006 AD the first woman traveled to space for the purpose of entertainment and she is the mother An American woman of Iranian origin Anousheh Ansari, but due to the crowding of the international space station with astronauts, the tourist trips were suspended in 2010 AD, and are still pending to this day as some international companies are looking to provide other places for tourists to settle and live in space with safer means of transport than before.

Tourism on Mars

Mars is one of the most planet-like planets in size and the presence of ancient water bodies. Today, scientists still send unmanned spacecraft to search for sources of life on Mars to send some people and donors to live on its surface and create a new civilization on it And photographing its surface, which is characterized by red and rugged terrain, deep valleys, and giant mountains, where Mars contains very large and strange terrain compared to the terrain on the surface of the earth, NASA launched a project aimed at sending the first qualified flights to K The greatness of Mars, or what is known as the red planet, in order to study the effect of its climate on human life, how to adapt to it, and to choose places where humans can live on, and they put some living organisms that help to improve its climate, especially converting the carbon dioxide in its cover to oxygen and also to study the effect of travel For a long period of time on human health, the journey to Mars takes about ten years.



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