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The country of Chinguetti (Islamic Republic of Mauritania) is a country located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa, bordered to the east and south by Mali, and to the north by Algeria and Morocco, and from the south by Senegal, and divided into twelve states with the capital Nouakchott, and the official language is Arabic and English, The French language is only prevalent in government departments, and the Spanish language is not widely spread, and the Islamic religion is the religion of the Republic and its currency (MRO), and the system of government is republican, and its ruler is (Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz).

Mauritania features

It is considered one of the most important countries in the field of marine fishing, as there are many natural features that made it one of the most fish producing countries.The beach extends over the Atlantic Ocean and reaches a length of about 650 km, as it converges with the territorial waters where hot and warm marine currents cause the waters to harbor many From aquatic life and fish.

The most important tourist areas in Mauritania

Among the most important tourist areas in Mauritania:

  • The capital, Nouakchott: Asdaf Al-Asdaf means the most important commercial and administrative centers, transportation and many commercial markets and modern communications are available in the capital, as well as hotels and architectural construction, and what distinguishes its houses is that its urban style is full of elaborate artistic decoration and has inexpensive wooden doors, and Nouakchott includes a museum that contains Among the most important historical holdings, as there is a commercial port and an airport, and there is also a large market for the sale of jewelry and fabrics managed by women, and one of the most important features of Nouakchott is the Mauritanian Institute, which is interested in linguistic study, and monitoring popular proverbs and local dialects.
  • The coastal region: It is the area covered by sand during its continuous crawl to the south, and it is called the homeland of pastoralists; it is a renewed pasture region due to the rain, and it produces many types of plants in this region, therefore it represents an important area for coastal grazing and the agricultural system.
  • Arkin Basin: It is located in the north of the country between the Bay of Dog and the head of Timières, a region that attracts researchers, explorers and scientists, due to the diversity of bird populations found in it, and it has been announced that it is a basic national protected park, and there are countless swarms of this pelvis of the Royal Hook, White Swan, and Blond Spruce. The pink flamingo is a distinctive station for recreation, and it is not far from shallow ponds, which appears in a striking and wonderful view of the gradation of blue, red and green in it. It represents the sea of ​​Mauritania, which is known for its abundance of fish.
  • The valleys condemned: It has interesting monuments, located in the desert, and was built eight hundred years ago at the foot of a hill, and the most prominent monuments there are the old mosque, the Qalali Palace, which is characterized by the colors derived from the local environment in it, and it was also a center for the crossing of convoys of camels loaded with dates, salt and gold.

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