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Mauritius is one of the tropical islands that enjoys a picturesque beauty, and is characterized by the presence of many tourist places that tourists can visit, and have fun and relaxation, in addition to the presence of natural beaches, tropical forests and many mountains, a region with a beautiful climate, in addition to that it is one of the areas that The locals can access it easily and easily, and all these features have made it a suitable place for tourists from all over the world to visit.

Tourism in Mauritius

There are many unique tourist places that tourists can go to when they travel to Mauritius:

Grand Bay

This place is considered one of the important places in Mauritius, as it is a suitable place for tourists who tend to shop and spend certain times in entertainment and leisure, and this village is characterized by its strategic location on the sea and the large size tourist beach, and also contains safe places for swimming, sailing at sea, and riding The waves, in addition to the pleasure of surfing, this village is the main point for helicopters to take off, and the tourist can do fishing in the sea, and is characterized by the presence of many shops and fashion houses, in addition to hotels and restaurants that provide excellent services to Tourists.

Shammarel Village

This village is located on the island of Mauritius, specifically in the Black River region, and is characterized by the ability of tourists to see sand dunes very clearly, and these dunes are called the land in the seven colors, and attracts many tourists, and this village is one of the distinguished places on this island, and this year ago 1960 AD, and is characterized by its wide spread with the presence of sand with a smooth texture and different colors, starting from red, brown, purple, green, blue, yellow, and orange, and mix these colors with each other, to give a beautiful and wonderful look.

Black River Gorges

These gorges are called the National Park located in Mauritius, and it is based on an area of ​​about 16,244 hectares, and this park is one of the favorite places for many tourists, whether locals or foreign tourists, and is characterized by the presence of different and strange types of birds and animals, in addition to the presence of many places The natural treatment of the eyes, so the visitor can see many rare things in this place, such as watching the Chinese guava, henna and fauna deer rosa, and is characterized by the flight of foxes and birds pigeon pink and other species.

Le Morne Brantante

This site is the peninsula in Mauritius, in addition to that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is characterized by the interest of its tourists, which is a large basalt rock that rises about 1821 feet above sea level.

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