Tourism in Medina

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Tourism in Medina

There are many tourist places in Medina that we will mention in the article:

Prophet’s Mosque

The Holy Prophet’s Mosque is one of the three mosques that he recommended to travel to and put the first foundation stone in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, has this mihrab, the minbar, the masters, and the noble prophetic room that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and his wives inhabited.

Anbariya Mosque

The Anbariya Mosque is a mosque surrounded by many monumental buildings that were built during the era of the Ottoman Empire, and which show ancient architecture and wonderful accuracy.

Elephant Mountain

One of the tourist sites that visitors visit, especially those who like sports for climbing to spend wonderful times in the evening, is the Elephant Mountain which forms a large rocky mass surrounded by a large group of mountains.

Madain Saleh

One of the tourist and archeological sites is Madain Saleh, or as it is also called in the name of the city of Al-Hajar, which is located in the city of Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has occupied a strategic center because of its road that connects the southern Arabian Peninsula with Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, which greatly affected the trade in the foot And whoever embraced one of the prophets, peace be upon them, the prophet Saleh, who called the people of Thamud, they answered the invitation and then turned away from it, and they carried out the barrow of the camel that God Almighty sent a verse for them.

Al-Sanea Palace

It is the first tomb in Madain Saleh and was built in the Nabataean style, and has inscriptions at the top of the entrance, and contains internal openings in which the bodies were placed, and it was decorated with many symbols that may date back to the Ethiopians, Egyptians and others, in addition to the Nabati well, and there are also strange forms Painted as a lion’s body and human head with wings.


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