Tourism in Milan

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Tourism in Milan

Milan is one of the cities of Italy, it is the most important and largest of its northern cities, and it is characterized as the most populous city due to its location in the Lombardy Plain, and also it is characterized as a fashion center at the level of Europe and Italy as a whole, which contains the most important fashion houses in the world, and Milan is an important transportation area, This is because it is considered the Italian gateway to France, Switzerland and the Alps, and the city of Milan is characterized by its abundance of water due to the presence of several rivers within it, the most important of which are the Olona River, the Lampro River, and a small branch of the Seveso River, and includes many tourist cities.

The most important places in Milan

Among the most important places in the city of Milan are:

Santa Maria della Grazi and The Last Supper for Da Vinci

Who among us did not hear about the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci last dinner, so that the Monastery of Santa Maria is considered the home of this painting, and although the building was bombed during the Second World War, it still exists until now.

St. Lamborghini Church

The name of the church is attributed to the name of Saint Lamborghini, and it is considered one of the oldest churches in Milan.

Milan Cathedral

It is one of the most prominent religious tourist attractions, and is classified as the largest cathedral of the Gothic community globally, and includes a group of artistic statues, the most prominent of which is the statue of the residential Azurial and Vittorio Emanuele, in addition to the Cathedral Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sforza Castle

This castle has the advantage of being located in the middle of the city, as you will not have to go up a hill to reach it, and you will see inside the castle a collection of some of the most beautiful artifacts in which the architectural details carved by the artist Michelangelo, and there is also an old art museum, and a group of musical instruments and the museum Archeology of prehistoric times.

The Opera and Scala Museum

The opera house is not considered like any regular opera, so attending this opera to its fans is a unique and unique experience for them, and in order to attend its concerts, tickets must be booked before, and it consists of a series of different musical instruments and graphics, and the musicians in them within the halls dedicated to them behind the scenes.

Vittorio Emanuele II exhibition

This exhibition was built in the form of a cross, and is characterized by a large glass ceiling, and in the interior elegant shops and restaurants, and a mosaic inside it with old Italian symbols, and this exhibition connects the most famous landmarks of Milan, the Duomo and the Lascala theater.

Brear Photo Gallery

It is a museum that includes a collection of artworks by major artists, most notably Piero Bellini and Raphael, and it has thirty-eight halls.

Parco Sempione Park and Public Gardens

After you have finished the tour in different places in Milan, you can rest and relax in the Parco Sempione Park, do various activities, have fun, or just sit on the green grass under a lush tree.


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