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Monaco occupies the second smallest country in the world in terms of size, despite its size, but it is an attractive and wonderful country with many diverse places, from which the Alps are only about an hour away by car, and provides its visitors with multiple places for shopping and dining, and Monaco can be visited in Any time of the year where it is characterized by mild winters and pleasant summers, but it is preferable to visit it between April and May or between September and October.

Tourism in Monaco

Monaco contains many attractions, including the following:

old City

Also known as Monaco Rock, it is one of the ancient cities that is characterized by the spread of many distinctive buildings in it in addition to archeological buildings that show the beauty of the stunning architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. It also contains many government buildings and a palace of the prince that allows visitors to explore it through tours The interior is in it.

Oceanographic Aquarium

The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium is an attractive tourist attraction in the state of Monaco, where the museum owns many different artifacts and the aquarium has a variety of wonderful marine life.

Monte Carlo Resort

Monte Carlo Resort is located near the Alps along the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea in the northeastern side of Nice in France. Prince Charles III was granted a charter to build the resort in 1856 AD, and it was converted five years after its opening in 1861 AD to A luxurious stadium for the rich of the world, in order to stimulate trade in Monaco, and contains an opera house established in 1878 AD, in addition to a sports club that was established in 1932 AD.

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