Tourism in Mumbai

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Tourism in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most attractive city in India for tourists from all over the world, due to the splendor of ancient Indian civilization, which is evident in its buildings, roads and popular neighborhoods. And Mumbai also contains many historical and touristic places that all tourists are keen to visit while they are in this wonderful city, which can be listed in the following.

India Gate

This gate is located in the south side of Mumbai, near the Taj Mahal Palace, which is one of the most important tourist places in India. The India Gate is one of the most important monuments left by the wars that took place in India, where it was built with the aim of honoring 90 thousand Indian soldiers who participated in the war First World War and the Afghan war against India and they died because of it.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Station

Also known as the Victoria Station, which is more used among the residents of Mumbai than its Indian name, the Victoria Station provides a wonderful expression of an architectural meeting place for two different cultures from each other, including the splendor of the Gothic Victorian battles that are closely integrated with the traditional Indian architecture, and UNESCO also included the station To the World Heritage List, with the need to take care of and preserve all its wonderful inscriptions on domes, corners and stained glass on the windows. Visitors to the station can enjoy the busy nature of Indian life inside the station, where more than half a million people cross it daily.

Sea way

The sea route extends along the coast of the Arabian Sea, and is considered one of the most beautiful places in Mumbai, which the locals prefer to go to in the evening hours to enjoy the scenic sunset scene, as can be strolled along the sea road under the lights of light spread in large numbers along the coast.

Crawford Market

There is the Crawford Market to the north side of Victoria Station, where it was established in 1869 with the aim of making it a specialized market for wholesale, then it was moved to the new Mumbai area and added a new character to it with colorful and Gothic decorations.

Haji Ali Mosque

Haji Ali Mosque is located on a small island near Mumbai, which can be visited by boat, the visitor of the mosque can enjoy the spiritual calm and discover the Islamic religion in India after passing a large number of street vendors and queues waiting for their roles to go to the mosque.


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