Tourism in Musandam Governorate

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Musandam Governorate

It is one of the governorates that are located in the Sultanate of Oman on the northern side, and it is the first focus of the Sultanate, and it is considered a high peninsula in its mountains that have a height of 2000 meters above sea level, and an area of ​​Musandam area of ​​1800 square kilometers, and the province is distinguished by being an important tourist area visited by many tourists annually Where there are the most important water crossings, and overlooking the Strait of Hormuz, as it is characterized by its charming nature, and the province includes four small states, namely: Bakha, Daba, Khasab, and Madha, and it is the fertile center of the province and is famous for its surprising ways that lead to mountain peaks Carved.

Tourist services in Musandam

There are many hotels and resorts in Musandam that can be stayed and enjoy their services, as they suit all tastes. Many cafes and restaurants can be visited throughout the city, which provide all the distinctive dishes and tourist services.

Tourist areas in Musandam

Musandam is one of the areas that offer many scenic marine and natural scenes. It has the most beautiful beaches in Oman, and its beach is located between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, and it has a series of limestone stones made of limestone, many plankton and some rare animals, and from tourist places in the city:

Musandam strait

The city overlooks a distinctive strait, so some people call it Norway, and there are near the strait: dolphins, sea turtles, and many types of birds, as it includes a large basin of water, and a number of fish and green coral distinctive.

Dibba Governorate

The state of Dibba is characterized by being one of the most beautiful natural areas in Musandam, as this state is characterized by its green mountains covered with trees, many types of plants, and its wonderful beach, in addition to the opportunity to see the foothills of the lush evergreen mountains, which is the favorite place for adventure-loving tourists, mountain climbers and campers .

Al-Khiran area

The Khiran region is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful marine areas embraced by the mountains of the Creek, as well as the state of Khasab, which is one of the small villages separated from the rest of the provinces, it is a great place for exploration, wandering, and cycling, and there is also in the state of Khasab Khasab Castle, which is located in front of the sea opposite the port, Built since the time of the Portuguese, which has now been converted into a regional museum, tourists can also take boats and boats in the port of Dowa, enjoy views of coral and fish, and visit a diving area.

Other sites

There are many historical and archaeological places in Musandam, in which the region is famous, where there are many wonderful castles and forts, and also the door to remove the lion, the valley of the Rawda and its plateau, in addition to the fossils of Mount Harem, and Madlaj Aflaj.


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