Tourism in Musandam

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The city of Musandam is one of the governorates that are located in the Sultanate of Oman, specifically in the far north of it, which is characterized by its charming and scenic nature, which makes it a tourist site with distinction in the Sultanate.

Tourist places

The state of (Dibba) located in the Musandam Governorate is characterized by the beauty of its nature, as it is intended by tourists to enjoy the splendor of its green mountains overlooking the sea, to be increased by the road linking each of the state of Bakha and the state of Khasab magnificence and incomparable magic, in addition to the foothills of the mountainous mountains (C) which are distinguished With their permanent vegetables.

The Khiran marine region in the Musandam Governorate is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful marine areas in the world, and it is intended for everyone who visited the Musandam region, especially Khor Al Najd, where it embraces the mountains of the Creek.

In the Musandam region, there are many places that overlook the mountain and the sea at the same time, which magnificently fascinates everyone who visits these areas, as is the case with the marine islands in them, which have turned into a shrine. The mountain with the sea.

There are mountain peaks in the Musandam Governorate, which are hit by very strong snow waves, to cover these mountains with a white suit for a long time during the year, and these mountains become a destination for ski enthusiasts, as most of the mountains in the region are free of snow.

How to get to Musandam

The ferries, which connect all Musandam regions, with the Omani capital, Muscat, and the state of Shinas, contribute to a tourism promotion that delivers to and from this province.

Several traditional old boats were also placed in the Musandam city of Khorsham, which makes excursions specifically to see the dolphins that abound in the region, in addition to the lunches it offers from the dishes that the region is famous for.

Busa beach is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Musandam, as it is an attractive beach for camping enthusiasts, and also it is necessary for tourists to visit the island that dates back to the period of British rule of the region, which is the Telegraph Island located in the state of Khasab, and get off at its hotels that are characterized by its location overlooking the sea, Watching the sunset in Khorshim.

Archeological and historical sites

There are many historical places in Musandam, not to mention the archaeological sites in which the region is famous, in addition to the amazing castles and fortresses, such as a fertile fortress, and there is the door to the lion’s jaw, and it is also necessary to visit the valley of Al-Rawda and its famous plateau, in addition to watching the fossils of Mount Harem, and Madlaj Aflaj, and it comes in Top of this list is the Strait of Hormuz.

In Musandam there are several activities that can be carried out by the tourist, such as riding an SUV, as well as wandering on foot, in addition to practicing the hobby of fishing, in addition to meditation and recreation, and all these matters make the city of Musandam deserve the title of magnet tourism in the region, and even more.


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