Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city, “Al-Amra”, the most beautiful city in the Sultanate of Oman …

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Tourism in Muscat .. Thousands of tourists go to it as it is rich in its great heritage of castles and museums in addition to natural parks and modern contemporary places, and Arab travelers give you your guide to exclude a distinct journey ..

The best tourist attractions in Muscat.

Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city Al Amra the - Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city, "Al-Amra", the most beautiful city in the Sultanate of Oman ...– The best tourist attractions in Muscat .. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Oman, is distinguished by its beautiful architecture and its inscriptions on the walls, it was built in 6 years to come out to us in this beautiful shape and level where the main hall is characterized by its huge dome decorated with mosaics and the number of mosaic pieces reaches 8 A million pieces is a beautiful sight that you cannot miss watching, then visiting the mosque’s library, as it contains about 20 thousand books and references, as well as its seminars and conferences, then it takes place in the garden that overlooks the mosque. Read also: Entertainment places in Muscat.

– The most important tourist attractions in Muscat ..

1581225888 836 Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city Al Amra the - Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city, "Al-Amra", the most beautiful city in the Sultanate of Oman ...– The most important landmarks of tourism in Muscat .. “Al-Zubair House” is a museum that displays Omani history, was opened in 1998 and consists of 6 buildings displaying the Omani heritage in addition to an old Omani style and market and the most important are the monuments that belong to the family of Al-Zubair bin Ali Uhud The ministers in the era of the Sultanate of Oman are one of the most valuable monuments and when you visit the house of the Zubair the first thing you do is see the main building “House of the Bagh” which is the house of Sheikh Zubair that reflects the old Omani architecture and contains 6 exhibitions of clothes, swords, paintings, jewelry and also musical instruments then Visiting the “Oud” house that belongs to Sheikh Al-Z’s father Bir Ben Ali includes furniture, household items, and old Arab and European maps. You can not miss the visit of the “Renaissance” house, which displays a large number of art paintings of about 50 painters that express different ages, and do not forget to see the “guide” to learn about the old Omani life, exhibition Sarah ”expresses modern art in Amman through the drawings and photographs. The House of Zubair organizes events that you can participate in and we advise you, dear visitor, to buy souvenirs from the home store before you leave, working hours from Saturday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 6 pm and the price of the ticket 2 riyals per person and children less For 10 years for free and from 10-15 Omani riyals.

Here are the most famous museums and castles in Muscat ..

1581225888 412 Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city Al Amra the - Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city, "Al-Amra", the most beautiful city in the Sultanate of Oman ...Here are the most famous museums and castles in Muscat ..– The most important places of tourism in Muscat .. “The Omani National Museum” because it reflects Omani history and heritage throughout the ages until now, so it helps spread cultural awareness and was opened in 2016, the museum includes 14 exhibitions equipped with sound effects And audio also contains a center for education and provides for the blind people books and means of presentation that suit them so that they can visit the museum and benefit from it. We advise you when visiting the exhibition “Earth and People” which talks about the land and the life of the desert and the Omani people as well as the exhibition “prehistory” where it displays antiquities dating back to 3 Thousands of years before birth, either Z “Masterpieces of Islam” explains the impact of Islam’s entry into Oman in the culture and social life of the Omani people and the exhibition “Weapons and Shields” includes Omani weapons such as daggers and swords used in wars over time. The museum also includes jewelry, clothes, ships, and other antiques. The museum operates from Saturday to Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm and entry fee is 5 Omani riyals per person .– “The Children’s Museum” is distinguished by its beautiful shape as it is located inside two domes surrounded by sand, explaining to us the latest scientific inventions in a simplified way for children as it explains the stages of development of science and the human body in a way that simulates this age group , Starts working from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – Museum of “Natural History” The museum consists of several halls, each of which displays an Omani region with its natural environment and its development from millions of years to date. It uses satellite images and paintings showing plants and animals that lived in Oman is also the fossilized remains and sculptures, the most famous of which is a whale model, which starts working from 8 am to 1 pm. – “Al-Jalali” castle called St. Laurent is located on a rock overlooking the Gulf of Oman, which now includes a museum that expresses Omani history and culture and the castle “Al-Mirani” It was built in 1587 and is associated with castle Al Jalali, under the basement under the water. If you are a music lover, you should visit “The Opera House”, as it is the first opera in the Arab Gulf region and it organizes many concerts, plays and conferences with a garden, shops and restaurants attached to it. “Al Alam Palace” is one of the oldest palaces in Amman It is distinguished by its golden and blue mosaic covered columns and includes a spacious garden full of trees and beautiful roses, so you can take memorial photos in front of it. Read also: Souks and malls in Muscat .. And your guide

Learn about the most beautiful parks in Muscat for a fun trip ..

1581225888 853 Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city Al Amra the - Tourism in Muscat .. Learn about the city, "Al-Amra", the most beautiful city in the Sultanate of Oman ...Learn about the most beautiful parks in Muscat to spend an enjoyable trip .. – The most beautiful places of tourism in Muscat .. “Crimean Natural Park” Dear tourist, if you want to relax and spend a fun time in the charming nature amidst a lake, waterfalls, plateaus and lowlands, do not miss it. It is the largest of Oman’s gardens and is located in the middle Muscat and is distinguished by its presence on the sea and contains about 200 species of birds inhabiting the lake and various fish and marine creatures in addition to mangroves and other distinctive trees and it is a suitable place for families due to the presence of entertainment games suitable for adults and children up to 28 games as it organizes many festivals, the most important of which is the Misk Festival We advise you to eat a meal in one of its restaurants, the garden works daily from 8 am to 11 pm. – “Awakening Gardens” the finest parks in Amman, which includes a group of gardens, each of which is characterized by specific plants and its engineering style is inspired by Islamic engineering as there are many Games for children. – Al-Naseem Garden was opened in 1985, and it has many places for children and sports fields. Touring inside it is very easy by a train in it. Dear tourist, if you love adventure, you should definitely visit “Marina Bandar Al-Rawda” where you can practice many Of water games and activities It is like swimming and diving to see coral reefs and fishing besides relaxing on the beach as it is surrounded by a garden. You can also rent a boat and rowing it in the clear waters. Several restaurants and shops are available. We recommend that you try a fresh fish dish on the beach. Working hours start every day from 8 am to hours. 11 pm.


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