Tourism in New Delhi

المسافرون العرب

New Delhi

New Delhi is located in northern India and is its political and cultural capital, and it is considered one of the urban countries in India, and many civilizations and empires have succeeded in it.

It has been demolished many times and rebuilt, and it consists of several cities scattered in the metropolitan area, so it is sometimes called the city of cities Delhi, and it is characterized by the large number of tourists who come to it to enjoy its natural and historical beauty.

Tourism in New Delhi

New Delhi is characterized by many tourist sites that baffle the tourist around, so when the tourist arrives, he feels that he is at the gates of the ancient history of India through the prominent tourist and archeological sites that spread throughout the city, including the following:

the National Museum

This museum displays ancient Indian history, where the visitor finds many columns and carved statues that indicate the Marian Empire, which existed in 250 BC, and the tourist finds famous figures made of sandstone. There are also temples in Malava, and survived models, and masks, and also includes many manuscripts, clothing, weapons and furnishings.

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Purana Qila

This castle is one of the most impressive examples of architecture, located alongside Indraprastha. There is also the Qila Mosque, which is a wonderful mix between Islamic and Hindu art, and it is also through the Chatrij Tower that tourists can oversee the entire city of New Delhi.

South of New Delhi

It might be surprising that southern New Delhi is considered a tourist area, but the homes of the rich and famous in that region have made it a wonderful museum for the luxury of construction and architecture, and there are also wonderful markets and shops.


This memorial was built for the Taglux soldiers who were busy building many mosques and palaces, and the castle was built in the fourteenth century and there are only large areas of this memorial that indicate its existence beforehand.

Delhi Hat Market

The Delhi Hat market is characterized by the fact that a tourist can buy what he needs of goods from the craftsmen themselves, instead of buying from merchants at double prices, so many tourists who want to buy antiques and premium goods are accepted at this price.

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Chandi Chowk Market

Those who visit the city of New Delhi must visit the Chandi Chowk Market, and buy a lot of souvenirs and useful things, as this market provides everything that a visitor may need of foods such as fish, poultry, spices of all kinds and shapes, sugars, and sauces, as there are used materials and stones Precious stones, gold, auto parts, and bouquets of roses are also available. Brass shops, Buddha statues, and Vishnas and Krishna are available.

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