Tourism in New Zealand

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New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and southeastern Australia, on the continent of Oceania, which is a continent in the southwest Pacific Ocean that includes Australia and the surrounding islands, and it has no land borders with any country, it is two islands, each island has a different terrain, so the tourist areas are diversified. New Zealand has scenic attractions, which makes it one of the places that tourists are encouraged to visit.

The most important tourist places in New Zealand

Rotorua Rotorua

This place, located in the Bay of Plenty from the northern island of New Zealand, is distinguished by its charming nature. It contains hot springs that come out of the earth, boiling mud, volcanic terraces, and boiling water pools. All the water is hot in Rotorua because it is characterized by being the largest thermal area on The face of the earth, as a tourist can practice swimming, climbing mountains, and enjoying mud baths. The visitor does not miss the opportunity to get to know Maori, as they are New Zealand’s indigenous people.

Tasman National Park

TASMAN NATIONAL PARK is considered one of the parks that enables tourists to see beautiful natural scenes because it is located in a sunny area on the top of the South Island, and the park provides places for the visitor to relax, and a field for walking and climbing to the Abel Tasman Rock, overlooking the sea, You can see dolphins and discover sandy bays in them.


The village of Kaikoura is located in the eastern coast of the southern island near the Pacific Ocean. It is a coastal village for marine lovers. Marine organisms such as whales and dolphins swim in the waters of Kaikoura, and the visitor does not miss the opportunity to see them, and eat the famous seafood in them as lobsters.


For adventure lovers, QUEENS TOWN provides the perfect place for mountain climbing, ropes jumping and water boat rides in the summer in Lake Wakatipu, whose waters are predominantly blue-green, and in the winter, snow skiing covers the mountains.

Auckland city

It is an important commercial city located in the second place, after the capital Wellington, in terms of importance and size, both Auckland and the capital are located on the northern island of New Zealand, and Auckland can be likened to the Australian city of Sydney for its vitality and elegance; it contains twenty two regional parks, fifty islands and walking paths and other Architecture aspects, such as buildings, markets and restaurants that are predominantly English in design. One of the most famous commercial towers is the Auckland Tower or Sky Tower (SKY TOWER), which is 328 meters long, so visitors can see the wonderful views of the distance of eighty kilometers from the tower, which is considered a tourist attraction in Auckland.

Tongariro National Park

This garden is an ideal place for all the elements of nature and its different terrain. In the garden, a visitor can see three active volcanoes, and the visitor seeks a natural ecosystem of rainforests in which different wild animals live, as well as watching the quiet lakes and some desert areas.


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