Tourism in New Zealand

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Tourist places in New Zealand

Although New Zealand is among the developing countries with a weak economic sector, it managed to attract many tourists from different regions of the world towards it, due to the nature of its cities, which despite its large size and population density still enjoy the simple rural character that allows the tourist to spend a period Beautiful in knowing the culture prevailing in the country, in addition to enjoying its beautiful and charming nature.


Kaikoura has become one of the most important cities overlooking the southern part of the Pacific Ocean and most popular with tourists, to allow visitors to its beaches open to the waters of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the vision of whales that pass through its waters in large numbers throughout the year, and tourists can also rent private boats to be able to Go deep into the ocean and enjoy watching the whales up close, as well as enjoying the rich marine life, especially those spread in the Serengeti region.

The Franz Josef Leather River

The Franz Josef glacier receives the most number of tourists in relation to other glaciers in the world, due to the easy access of tourists and visitors to it on foot due to the lightness of the slopes between them, which enables tourists and visitors to move easily and reassured with the possibility of enjoying the charming natural scenes that encounter them on the way, Tourists and visitors to the glacier can also enjoy the helicopter service that accompanies them at high altitudes to be able to enjoy the full view of the glacier.

Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing is considered the first destination for hiking enthusiasts in New Zealand, where tourists can walk long hours on flat and easy paths, and enjoy watching the thermal nozzles spread there, in addition to the multiple lakes that increase the beauty and splendor of the sights there, and tourists can enjoy watching the Alpins volcano located there, Which leads a lot of excitement to your visitors.

The sky of Uraki Mackenzie

This region is characterized by the clarity of its air, the cleanliness of its air, and the absence of pollutants, which makes its sky a suitable place for watching and observing the bright stars at night which illuminate the region in a picturesque way, while in the daytime hours the tourist can enjoy a tour within its paths designated for walking amid its forests and its beautiful nature, in addition to enjoying the views Unique to Mount Cook is one of the largest mountains in New Zealand and located near it.


Or, as you know among its local people, the tribal society, because of its diverse cultural activities, it offers the tourists a unique opportunity to learn about the nature of traditional life in New Zealand and the prevailing culture in it, in addition to being able to taste the most delicious popular food spread there.


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