Guide to tourism in Niagara Falls America, did you ever expect that you could fall from a height of about 56 meters from a large waterfall, really that this is a kind of imagination, pleasure and recreation together, which you cannot forget throughout your life as it is fun Do not forget throughout life, but it needs a dead heart, but if you want to do this experience then you have to come with us on this quick tour, through which we will learn about Niagara Falls in America, which is the strongest in the rush of water in the United States of America.

Tourism in America’s Niagara Falls:

  • Niagara Falls are three of the waterfalls located on the American border, which are horseshoe waterfalls that are located on the Canadian side, and the Bride Sash Falls that are to the right of the American waterfalls, and all these waterfalls originate from the upper Great Lakes through a river dating back 12 thousand years.
  • Once you see the waters of the giant Niagara River pouring down so high you will be amazed and admired, you can also rent a boat and take a long trip in order to enjoy spending your trip.
  • If you are a new groom, you can spend a pleasant honeymoon vacation that combines pleasure and excitement with wonderful romantic tours and the enjoyment of sitting in a high-end hotel.
  • You can visit many places during this trip, as you will be able to see many Niagara Falls as well as you can see many historical sites in the region, as well as you can explore a number of beautiful places.
  • You can enjoy many natural landscapes such as enjoying beautiful waterfalls and botanical gardens, and you can also enjoy walking among the vineyards in order to see many attractive landscapes.
  • But if you have children on this trip, you can enjoy with them, but far from the Niagara Falls, and you can go to the aquarium which is known as the “Niagara Aquarium” or Marine Land, or you can enjoy a tour of a small boat you and your family.

The best times to visit Niagara Falls in America:

  • You can make a visit to Niagara Falls in America in the period between June and August, it is wonderful at this time of the year, and this is the tourist season in America where the average temperature is 26 and it is ideal, and with spray and breeze that comes before Waterfalls can get a lot cold.
  • But at this time the prices are high and somewhat high, but you will listen a lot with this weather and you will also enjoy seeing many sights.
  • But if you go during the spring and autumn season, there will be a small number of tourists due to the cold weather. The least time is during January and February, but despite the small number of tourists, hotel prices remain the same.

Restaurants in Niagara:

You can also enjoy eating a group of very distinctive foods, but it is fast food and famous international chains, but if you are looking to eat oriental food or any of the Arab foods, you will not find your request since all the restaurants in this place are fast food restaurants but you can To hear a lot of fine and famous restaurants on the Canadian side.



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