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Tourist attractions in Nice

The flower market of Core Salia

One of the most important neighborhoods to eat in is the city of Cours Selaya, which is characterized by having many cafes and restaurants located in the open market that provide seafood, in addition to the presence of many souvenir shops, gifts and other Shops.

Simié neighborhood

The Cimiez district is located 15 minutes by bus from the center of Nice, and houses a small group of museums and attractions such as the Musée Matisse (in French: Musée Matisse) which includes an impressive collection of local art works, the archaeological museum adjacent to it, and the ruins of the amphitheater Romen, public baths and paved streets.

Marc Chagall Museum

The Marc Chagall Museum (French: Musée Marc Chagall) was opened in 1972 and bears the name of the artist Marc Chagall. This museum displays 17 pieces of art titled “The Biblical Message”, and this museum is located at the foot of a hill and houses the largest collection of this artist It is estimated at about 400 drawings, in addition to drawings drawn with pastel pens that express the themes of the Old Testament.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

This museum is located near Garibaldi Square, and this museum displays many artworks such as folk art and the work of new realist artists such as Andy Warhol and Yves Klein, and the museum’s collection displays approximately 1,300 pieces of art for more than 300 artists.

Nice city

Nice is located in the Côte d’Azur region in France, and it is located precisely at latitude 43.70 and longitude 7.27 and at an altitude of 18 meters above sea level, you can visit the city of Nice, which has a Mediterranean coastal climate with mild winters and hot summers, in the summer season where it is characterized by Its beaches are crowded at the time, in addition to being visited in the winter, and it is worth noting that the city hosts the “Nice Jazz” festival, which lasts for several days and offers dance and musical performances.

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