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Tourism in northern Iran

The northern regions of Iran are distinguished by their geographical, climatic and natural character, as the natural beauty and diversity between the plains, highlands, seas and rivers in northern Iran was enough to attract tourists to them in large numbers, and here are some of the most famous tourist areas in northern Iran.

The village of Klardasht

This village is famous for being a wonderful resort, which extends along a green hillock through which water runs in a number of fresh waterfalls and rivers, in addition to the fresh and pure air and unspeakable natural scenes that are only a figment of imagination.

Ramsar town

One of the tourist areas that tourists visit a lot for the purpose of treatment and medication, as it is famous for its pure fresh water with healing properties from joint and bone pain, this water runs within a number of springs overlooking stunning natural scenes, in addition to providing a calm and comfortable atmosphere for tourists within a group of hotels and private chalets .

The city of Gallus

Among the most important regions in northern Iran that are concerned with tourism development and attracting tourists, as it helped in this historical and archaeological importance of this town, with its geographical and climatic diversity in it. Gallus also contains a number of recreational services that provide tourists with the best times in the arms of nature, and the following is detailed For what this wonderful city contains of tourist attractions:

  • Palaces: The city of Gallus contains a number of archaeological palaces, the most important of which is the Wajapet palace that was built during the Pahlavi era. The palace includes courtyards designed in the European style that were prevalent at the time, and a number of green fences with trees, and a large number of tourists visit the palace to rest in it, and enjoy its beauty Before completing their flight.
  • Waterfalls: Gallus also includes a number of high waterfalls, including the Harijan Waterfall, which reaches 9 meters in length. You can enjoy seeing the waterfall while passing the highway linking Tehran and Gallus.
  • Lakes: There are two lakes in Gallus, one of which is Lake Welsh that stretches along 15 hectares, which is characterized by its fresh water and is home to a large number of birds and fish, in addition to the Lake Dyork Dam.
  • Ski Resort: It is located on the snowy heights of the city of Gallus, and receives a large number of skiing enthusiasts of different races and ages.

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