Tourism in Polo

المسافرون العرب

Bolu is one of the northwestern cities of Turkey, which overlooks the Black Sea between Istanbul and Ankara, also called the name Abant, in relation to the famous Polo Abant resort.

It is about 262 km from Istanbul and 192 km from the Turkish capital, Ankara. It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey

Top Polo Hotels

Polo City includes a group of the best hotels in Turkey and is distinguished by its location among the most beautiful natural places in the city, and we have compiled for you a list of the best polo hotels recommended ..

Tourism in Polo - Tourism in Polo

Tourism in the city of Polo Turkey

Polo Turkey is one of the rare areas that possesses many tourist features at one time, its nature is very charming, and the forests are wonderful in its plant and animal diversity, know the most important tourist destinations in Polo

Abant Lake

Perhaps the most beautiful and most prominent tourist destination in Polo Abant, Abant Lake is located approximately 32 km from the city of Polo in a mountainous region surrounded by green heights, the lake represents the main destination for tourists coming to Polo .. Read more

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Seven Lakes Park

Seven Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful parks and tourist places in Turkey, due to the diversity of trees, plants and roses, which number up to 236 species such as beech, oak and pine trees, and its beauty is increased by the presence of seven natural lakes in the middle of plants and trees..read more

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Polo Museum

The Polo Museum is considered one of the most important tourist places in Polo Turkey, where it displays antiquities dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age in addition to the Hellenistic, Romen, Byzantine, Ottoman and Seljuk eras. The museum was founded in 1975

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Samandra Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey is the Samandere Waterfall, which is located in the town of Duzce in Bolu .. Read more

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There is in the Turkish city of Polo, a group of wonderful caves, you can explore its beauty and wander in its exciting halls.

1581410939 864 Tourism in Polo - Tourism in Polo

The most important winter tourism places in Polo

Tourism in Polo is not limited to the summer season only, but it is also an important destination for tourism in Turkey in winter, as it includes prominent tourism components that are known through the topic .. Read more

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