An integrated guide to the best and most famous tourist places in Portugal in detail and pictures, and it is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, which is a different and wonderful tourist destination, and Portugal has a number of elements of natural tourism and modern civilization as well as entertainment, as it is famous for having a large group of markets through which you can buy Souvenirs from international brands to all your lovers and friends, and you can also enjoy watching a large number of ancient museums.

The most beautiful tourist places in Portugal:

1- São George Castle:

You can visit São Georges Castle, which has been built in the old Moroccan style and the castle occupies the summit of the city of Lisbon, and the castle dates back to the Middle Ages of the history of Portugal, and the castle is also a very special place for people who love architecture and construction as its design is a masterpiece worth seeing and enjoying Close up, the castle walls are carved with a number of unique inscriptions, whose walls add value.
Also, when you ascend to the top of the castle, you can see a charming panoramic view of the entire city of Lisbon. If you are a fan of fun and climbing, you can climb an endless number of steps in order to reach the top of the historic castle and see the entire charming Lisbon.
Sao George Castle

2- Visiting the Water Museum:

You can also visit the water museum, which is one of the most beautiful places that you see has been included in the list of the most beautiful ancient museums in the world according to UNESCO, You can also visit the water temple that the place that is said about the most beautiful place in the world and holds many exhibitions in order to speak On the value and importance of this place and its impact on the city during the various eras.
You can also see the silent structure in the form of a marble cave and huge columns in a broken image. There are also a number of antique pumps in the museum and a number of other modern water pumps in the form of embracing the past with the present.
The Water Museum of Portugal

3- Visiting the city of Lisbon:

If you go to Portugal, do not miss the opportunity to reside in the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful tourist cities in the world, and there are many palaces, museums and hotels with a distinctive tourism side, and you can take more than one tour in a number of picturesque tourist places in Lisbon Which comes first:

  • Fama region: This region is called the beating heart of Portugal, due to the presence of many tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. You can also do a free tour in the streets of this region in order to buy souvenirs as the area is crowded with shops.
  • Belem District: It is also one of the very famous places and neighborhoods in Lisbon, which has many tourist places, which are an important destination for many tourists from all countries of the world, which have been included in the list of world heritage such as the Tower of Belem and the famous Jeronius Monastery.
  • Chiado District: Chiado is the most popular center in which there are many theaters, cinemas and theaters. The neighborhood also includes a large number of very famous commercial markets, which makes the region always crowded and there are many tourists from all countries of the world, especially in the summer, which is the tourist season for Portugal. .
  • Beyo Twa neighborhood: If you are a fan of noise, a loud life full of lights and a wonderful youthful atmosphere you should visit the Bairro Alto neighborhood, as there are many cafes and nightclubs that spread in this place and you can take a magical night tour in this neighborhood.

4- Albufeira city for beach lovers:

If you want to enjoy the water and the beauty of the beaches, you have to go to the Boavira area in order to enjoy the beauty of the beaches. You can also do many different sports activities such as diving, swimming, and fishing. There are also a large number of shops in the city from which you can buy everything that suits you. From gifts of international brands, there are also a large number of restaurants and cafes and a number of tourist festivals are organized on the shores of this charming water city.

5- Funchal city:

Funchal is one of the magical tourist places in Portugal, and this island is also distinguished by being warm throughout the year as it is always sunny, which makes it suitable for tourism throughout the year, and the city has many ancient relics and churches, as well as a number of impressive parks, which comes on top of a park. Santa Catarina ”.
If you are a fan of visiting nature reserves you should visit the city of Funchal, which contains many natural reserves that are intended by tourists for camping and militarization and spend several days in the launch, and you can attend a night roasting party with the charming nature in the place in order to enjoy a youth trip Pure.

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