Tourism in Positano Italy .. Positano is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy, especially for lovers of tranquility and is an ideal destination to spend a honeymoon in it.

Tourism in Positano, Italy ..

Tourism in Positano, ItalyThere is a Positano in the middle of the Amalfi Coast in the south of Naples in the “Campania” region. Positano is one of the most beautiful cities of the Amalfi Coast. In the past, it was just a fishing village and with time it became an important tourist destination and became famous in the work of artists since the 1950s. The city, with its beautiful colorful houses and unique architecture, in addition to its roses that capture hearts and its mild climate, is a great destination for relaxing and avoiding the pressures. To reach it, you must book a flight to Naples Airport, and then rent a car or bus to Sorrento and from it to Positano.

Traveling to Positano Italy .. Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Positano Italy ..

Find out the temperatures and the best times to visit Positano Italy Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Positano italyno Dear the weather The weather in Positano is cold in the winter and suitable for visiting at most times of the year and therefore we advise you to visit the city in the spring and summer because the temperatures are more moderate and suitable for hiking, the peak tourist season starts from April And it continues until September, and if you want to get the cheapest prices, you should go to them in off-peak periods, for example in March and October, where the temperatures are also appropriate, but the prices are lower.

“Positano Beaches” .. the most beautiful places of tourism in Positano Italy ..

Positano BeachesPositano Beaches, dear tourist, the city of Positano is famous for having a group of the most beautiful beaches due to its view of the Amalfi Coast, where fine sand and clear waters encourage you to swim in it and you can dive in to see a wonderful world of beautiful marine creatures, we advise you to be in the beach especially at sunset To enjoy watching this wonderful view and take pictures of it and one of its most beautiful beaches, the “Spiagia Grande” beach, which provides shopping places from which to buy souvenirs, in addition to offering it to a group of delicious seafood, and if you love privacy and calm, then Lake visit Vornillo Beach.

“Via Cristoforo Colombo” .. the most important tourist attraction in Positano Italy ..

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Positano Italy and we advise you to visit it, dear tourist, to spend an enjoyable time where the beautiful landscapes around it to Djanet are the spread of shops that offer a variety of the finest products so you should buy what you like especially handmade and handcraft products expressing the country to give as gifts to your family and Your loved ones when you return home and you must enter a restaurant to eat a local italyn meal.

“Capri Island” .. the best tourist places in Positano Italy ..

Capri IslandCaprice Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Amalfi Coast region and it is not far from the city of Positano, so it is necessary to visit and spend a day with it to enjoy watching its small colorful houses in the Arab and Normandy style and it is fun to watch the sunset by it so you should take pictures of it as the region provides many of Restaurants that offer dishes to suit all tastes and one of the most important features of the island. The Blue Cave “La Grotta Azura” We assure you that you will enjoy its wonderful view where a surreal blue light enters it through a small cavity, which gives it a wonderful shape and access to the cave by a boat trip to it.

“Grotta Laporta Cave” .. the best places of tourism in Positano Italy ..

It is one of the best tourist attractions in Positano, Italy. You should visit it, dear tourist, especially if you are a fan of exploration, the cave has remains dating back to prehistoric times and you have to take memorial photos of it.

“Positano Markets” markets. Tourist places in Positano Italy.

  Positano MarketsPositano Markets Markets, dear tourist, we advise you to shop from Positano because it has a group of shops that provide the latest trends in the fashion world, we find local products of high quality along with international products for many brands and we advise you to buy leather products such as shoes and sandals that the city is famous for as well You will find many lemon products due to the singing of the area of ​​the Yael Amalfi with lemon, so you should buy souvenirs from its products and pottery decorated with the lemon illustration. The city provides women with accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and other products that M women.

“Positano streets tour” .. Tourist places in Positano Italy ..

Positano streets tour A tour of Positano streets, when you visit this beautiful city, you should take a tour of its streets to get to know it closely, as you will enjoy its beautiful architecture, where colorful buildings, narrow streets and hills fill the place and give it a wonderful aesthetic touch. The shops spread through the streets, so choose whatever you like, especially handmade products. Enter one of the shoe-making workshops to create a sandal for you.

“Ravello” .. the most important tourist places in Positano Italy ..

The town of RavelloThe town of Ravello is considered one of the best tourist areas in the city. It has to be visited. The village is located on a high hill above the sea level in the Amalfi Coast region and very close to Positano. You can not miss sitting in her room overlooking the sea at sunset, the villa dates back to the twelfth century and has a wonderful infinity terrace. The garden is available from 9 am until sunset. The entrance fee is 7 euros.

Traveling to Positano Italy .. Here are the best dishes and the best restaurants in Positano Italy ..

Here are the best dishes and the best restaurants in Positano ItalyHere you have the most delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in Positano italyn When you visit Positano, you are with a date to taste the most delicious italyn food and the most famous cuisine in the region is seafood, due to the coastal view of the city, we advise you to eat oysters or mussels or fish of all kinds and crabs in addition to pizza dishes Which Italy and the Mediterranean countries are famous for, we advise you to eat “Delizie al limone” cake with delicious lemon flavor. As for its best restaurants, “Mediterraneo” restaurant that provides a beautiful view of the beach and “Bruno Bar” offers delicious food at reasonable prices and a restaurant. Capitano Restaurant ”and many other restaurants.

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