Puncak Indonesia includes wonderful natural places, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Indonesia, and it is visited by many tourists, including Arabs in particular. Puncak is distinguished by its pure air and charming nature.

The best Puncak hotels

Puncak Indonesia is famous for providing all the elements of recreation and comfort, and we have collected for you the best tried and tested Puncak Indonesia hotels based on the assessments provided by Arab tourists through their experiences in housing … Read more

Puncak hotels Indonesia

The best tourist places in Puncak Indonesia

Every year, Indonesia means many tourists because of the attractions and destinations that attract them. In our article, we will dedicate the discussion of tourism in Puncak and we will show you the most important destinations, landmarks and tourist places in Puncak, Indonesia, which tourists are interested in visiting and like them.

Puncak Gardens

Puncak Safari Park

One of the most important tourist places in Puncak Indonesia is located near the highway linking the capital Jakarta and Bandung, the Puncak Safari Park occupies a very large area and includes a large number of animals up to 2500 animals of various varieties, including the Bengal tigers, bears, monkeys, giraffes, elephants … Read more

Puncak Safari is one of the most important tourist places in Puncak Indonesia

Taman Matahari Holiday Park

One of the best tourist places in Puncak, the holiday gardens of Mount Puncak, or it is known as Taman Matahari, extends over an area of ​​about 30 acres and includes many cultural and recreational facilities that attract all members of the family, young and children … Read more

Tourism in Puncak

Puncak Fruit Garden

This fruit garden is the largest tropical fruit garden in the world, dating back to the year 1990, when it occupies an area of ​​264 hectares and includes thousands of varieties of plants. It is also estimated that there are 37,000 fruit trees, including yellow and red watermelon, cherry, manga and pineapple. Tourist places in Puncak … read more

Tourist places in Puncak, Indonesia

flowers Garden

Taman Bunga Nusantara flower garden is one of the most important tourist places in Puncak founded in 1995 as it was the first garden of its kind in Indonesia, the garden includes a large variety of wonderful flowers, some of which grow in a tropical environment and others in a cool environment brought from many parts of the world … Read more

Puncak Flower Garden

Gunung Mas farmer

Agro Gunung Mas farms, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Puncak, includes tea fields that are cultivated on beautifully sloping cliffs that dazzle the eyes. You can sit on these farms and enjoy a cup of delicious tea in the scenery … Read more

Tourist areas in Puncak

Puncak Lakes

Lake Lido

One of the tourist attractions in Puncak, Lake Lido is located on the road to Sukabumi about an hour and a quarter from Puncak Indonesia, surrounded by green mountains to form a wonderful painting that combines the blue of the lake water and the surrounding greenery … Read more

The most beautiful lakes of Puncak

Colorful lake

The colorful lake in West Java is one of the most important tourist places in Puncak Indonesia near the wonderful tea plantations and green mountains, and it is one of the quiet places that attract tourists due to the beauty of the natural scenes provided by … Read more
The colorful lake in Puncak

Puncak Falls

The seven waterfalls

The seven waterfalls Cilember waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Puncak, as it attracts many tourists to the beauty of the landscape that it provides. Perhaps the most visited is the seventh waterfall which is located about 90 minutes away from the capital Jakarta … Read more

Puncak Indonesia

Twin waterfall

Curug Kembar twin waterfall is also known as the green pond waterfall up to 15 meters high. The waterfall is characterized by its pure water as it originates from the Gumawang River. The waterfall is one of the most important tourist places in Puncak, Indonesia

Puncak Falls

Landmarks of Puncak Indonesia

Al-Taawun Mosque

The Tatawun Mosque was built in 1997 to be one of the most prominent landmarks of Puncak Mountain Indonesia. The mosque is characterized by a very impressive architectural design. It has an attractive dome that looks like an umbrella and walls made of transparent glass where it consists of three floors and a wide space inside the mosque.

The mosque is surrounded by beautiful and prosperous gardens that span large areas. There are also many street vendors offering food, snacks and souvenirs as well near the mosque.

The Cooperation Mosque in Puncak

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