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It is the third largest city in China, and it is located in Guangzhou, Guangzhou or the south of China, and is 145 km from the city of Hong Kong, northwest of the city, and what is distinguished by its geographical location on the Pearl River, which made it an important city and a beautiful tourist destination especially for Arab communities, and to Quanzhou We will get to know the most important tourist places in it.

The most important tourist places in Chinese Quanzhou

Huaxing Mosque

It is one of the oldest mosques in China, and was built in 627 AD on the famous Silk Road that connects Southeast Asia such as India, China, the Levant and Africa, and is called the Al-Waqas Mosque in relation to a Muslim whose name is Waqas. What distinguishes the mosque is its high white minaret, and it is now considered an important destination for Arab tourists. The mosque has a place among the Muslim minority that inhabits China.

Canton Tower (Guangzhou Tower)

The height of the Quanzhou Tower is six hundred meters, and it is the tallest tower in China, and it was opened in 2010 AD, and what distinguishes the tower is that it contains many restaurants and commercial markets, and from the top of the tower the visitor sees the attractive landscape of the city of Quanzhou, and the tower was designed in a modern and elegant shape, it is oval shaped To withstand the harsh climatic conditions of hurricanes passing through the city, aside from that, incandescent lighting during the night, and this is what distinguishes it inevitably, as it became an example of architecture in China.

Chime Long Park

One of the largest amusement parks in China is the Chaim Long Park, which is located in Panyu County in Quanzhou, and the park’s surface is sixty hectares, and can accommodate fifty thousand visitors. Magic, acrobatics, horse riding, restaurants, etc. The garden is designed as a place for fun and entertainment; it is suitable for all ages.

Kiwan Temple

The temple is a masterpiece of the dual architectural style that must be talked about. The temple is a Buddhist religion that was built during the Qing Dynasty in 1300 AD, and it consists of two similar temples, ie two tall towers. The length of one tower reaches a height of 158 feet. Age, as well as contains a main hall, which is the hall of purple clouds, and consists of eighty-six columns, and the hall includes a large giant plaque with four Chinese characters written on it, aside from the reliefs that adorn the temple.

Pearl River

It is the most prominent tourist attraction in Quanzhou. The river passes through this city in particular, and the visitor can enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery and the waters of the river in the city of Quanzhou. Recreational.

Guangzhou Art Museum

The museum contains more than ten thousand paintings and masterpieces, including: the original, traditional, and many sculptures, and contains a hall where souvenirs are displayed allowing the visitor to view them.

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