Tourism in Redang Island, Malaysia … and the most beautiful tourist places

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Tourism in Redang Island, Malaysia, one of the most beautiful tourism, where the magic of nature, and stunning scenery, and Redang Island is located in the Southern China Sea, and in general this island consists of a group of small islands and Redang Island in Malaysia is one of the islands to which the arrivals come from most around the world.

Traveling to Redang Island, Malaysia

Tourism in Redang Island Malaysia ... and the most beautiful - Tourism in Redang Island, Malaysia ... and the most beautiful tourist placesTraveling to Redang Malaysia is done by following one of the following two routes: the sea route from Merang or Kuala in Terengganu state to Redang Malaysia using a boat and the journey takes approximately 90 minutes. Air route and flights to Redang will be through Kuala Lumpur Airport or Singapore, which serves Redang Island and provides air transport to Little Redang Airport. Also read: Tourism on Tioman Malaysia

The most important tourist attractions in Redang Island, Malaysia

Beaches of Redang Island, Malaysia

The beaches of Redang Island Malaysia are considered one of the most important tourist attractions inside the island, which is characterized by the abundance of its sand and clean clean water, in addition to it is one of the beaches that are inhabited by many different marine creatures, multiple species of fish in addition to the abundance of coral reefs in it, and among the most distinguished beaches Having the island is Pasir Bangang beach, and this is considered to be one of the most important beaches of Redang Malaysia which has its clear waters, which you can almost see different fish and marine creatures, in addition to this beach contains one hundred different types of fish ba To add to 50 different species of coral species, in addition to the different turtles, Pasir Beach also contains rare fish, which are coral reef fish and among these fish are parrot fish, in addition to many turtles that abound in this beach that appear on the beach in front of visitors to lay their eggs.

The big mountain

The Big Mountain is a nickname for the Phuket Besar Mountain, and this mountain is considered one of the places that many visitors visit, as this mountain enables visitors to adventure while climbing, and upon reaching the top of this mountain, the visitor will see a fantasy scene embodied by the charming nature, where he will see the island Entire green, green grass surrounded by turquoise water that goes to the mind due to the severity of its beauty, which is offset by the clear blue sky, and this view does not go from the mind of the visitor at all, so thousands of visitors seek to climb this mountain to see the enchanting medical, and see the island from above, and it is worth noting That top of this mountain h To 359 meters, although the trip climb the mountain trip but it is a stressful cause fun for many visitors.

Upscale tourist resorts

Redang Island has many high-end tourism resorts and has many international awards for its ability to provide hotel services to visitors at the highest level, and these resorts are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Redang Island Malaysia, and the taaras beach resort is one of the most famous of these resorts.

The taaras beach resort

This resort is located first among the resorts of Redang Island, Malaysia, where this resort offers a wonderful and luxurious experience for all its visitors, as it offers the best welcome and Asian hospitality to its visitors, and this resort overlooks one of the beaches of Redang Island, Malaysia, which is characterized by its white sand as well as clear clean water, and provides This hotel is a residence for visitors according to desire, as it offers different types of accommodation, including high-end hotel rooms, independent chalets that overlook the sea in addition to the spacious villas to accommodate families. This hotel offers a special suite for married couples who spend their honeymoon This suite is characterized by romance and magic that captures the hearts. The resort also has its own restaurant that serves the best international cuisine and dishes for its visitors through the so-called open buffet, so do not hesitate to visit this resort, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Redang Island Malaysia.

Activities carried out by visitors in the island of Reading Malaysia

There are many activities carried out by Redang visitors, and they differ from one place to another within the island, in addition to that the time factor is one of the factors that affect the activities carried out by visitors inside Redang Island, as activities in Redang Island have been divided according to time as follows:

First daylight time

This timing is considered an appropriate time within the island for tours around the stunning, stunning nature, in addition to swimming and diving in one of the beaches of this island, as well as working on surfing, fishing, and other different water sports inside the beaches, in addition to relaxation and recreation provided by the beaches Redang, as well as sunbathing, but it is necessary to work on the use of sunscreen in order to preserve the skin from being exposed to infections, as the temperature is somewhat high on this island, in addition to working on visiting the lush and lush gardens full of trees Various coconuts, as well as visiting the island’s various restaurants and cafes and eating visitors’ favorite foods and drinks.

Secondly, night time

One of the most beautiful things that visitors enjoy on Redang Island is watching the wonderful sunset view, in addition to searching for the blue sand inside the island, which is one of the most beautiful activities that bring fun, adventure and suspense to many visitors, and blue sand or sea lice can be found along the beach and it cannot be Seeing him only at night, as it glitters in the dark, and this trip is carried out by a specialist or a tour guide who acts as a supervisor of a group of visitors and guides them to the whereabouts of these marine creatures and the search trip is done by relying on a manual scout, and one of the most romantic activities carried out by visitors She is the Search for romantic camps, resorts, or romantic restaurants for a romantic night dinner in Redang Island. These activities are one of the attractions of tourists and tourism in Redang Island Malaysia.


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