Learn about the requirements of tourism in Rwanda for Saudis and the requirements for travel for Saudis and Arabs in addition to the most beautiful places in Rwanda, and the wonderful activities that will encourage you to visit Rwanda as soon as possible and to you the most important details of Arab travelers.

Tourism in Rwanda for Saudis:

You must obtain a Rwanda visa in order to enter the country, and you can also use it to visit both Uganda and Kenya, and vice versa if you have obtained a visitor visa for either of them, which will facilitate your movement.

Rwanda visa:

You will be required to obtain a visa to enter Rwanda upon your arrival at the Capital Airport, and in order to be able to obtain the visa you must have some requirements and documents, including:
  • A passport that is valid for a period of 6 months or more.
  • A copy of the passport must be attached.
  • Attach a letter from the employer if you wish to travel for work
  • Attach your commercial registration or tax card to freelance professionals.
  • Attach all documents in English, and this can be done in accredited translation offices.
  • The visa application for Rwanda is submitted through the embassy or consulate, with previous documents, and the entry visa is paid
  • Travel hours from Saudi Arabia to Rwanda:

    Duration of plane travel from Saudi Arabia to Rwanda Airport from different cities:

  • From Jeddah to Rwanda airport: 6 and a half hours
  • Riyadh to Rwanda Airport: 9 hours.
  • From Medina to Rwanda Airport: nine hours and 45 minutes.
  • Tourism in Rwanda:

    Rwanda is one of the coolest countries in East Africa, which is easy to travel to from Saudi Arabia, and it is located above the source of the River of Religion, and the original home of mountain gorillas and also has a magical nature between the rainforests, which is the favorite place for mountain gorillas, as you will find many charming green spaces what Between mountains and valleys, and thick forests in addition to the lakes that spread in the country.
    Rwanda is one of the most suitable places to explore the life of the bush, and we will explain the secrets of traveling to Rwanda and why you should visit it in your next vacation plan:

    Enjoy exploring Rwanda:

    • Whether you are a fan of walking or riding a bike, you will make the most beautiful trips in your life in Rwanda, as it enjoys a large network of branching roads that exceed 120 km, and the time between them is between two hours and 3 days.
    • Take a wonderful walking tour of the International Volcanoes Park, which is one of the most famous parks in the country with an area of ​​more than 8090 km, and its origins in the year 1925 AD.
    • Being the original mountain gorilla home, you will be able to see it with your own eyes in many locations in the park. You will also find a great diversity in the neighborhoods and plants, which makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.
    • Visit Pisuk Mountain, which is over 3,700 meters high, and has active volcanoes to add more excitement to your trip, which is located in the Vulcanos National Park of Rwanda.
    • It would be very nice to see the sloping peaks and green nature covering them from the top, and do not miss to visit Mount Karisme, which you will need two days to reach.

    Visit the shore of Lake Kivu:

    It is one of the souls of huge lakes found in Africa, it is the sixth largest lake in the Great Africa with an area of ​​up to 90 kilometers, and extends along the borders of Rwanda with the Republic of the Congo, and you will find many hills covered by green nature in a very poetic way.
    One of the most magnificent cities overlooking Lake Kivu, the city of Karongi, which may take you to Napoleon Island through boats that spread on the beach to be able to see fruit bats, which are spread on the island, and you will also find many impressive tourist beaches, suitable for practicing many activities of the lake in a pleasant atmosphere And beautiful.

    Getting around in the capital of Rwanda:

    Kigali is the capital of the country, and one of its most beautiful cities is where you will find clean quiet streets in addition to many shopping and luggage options between huge malls and local markets and small shops.
    You will also find many international cafes and excellent restaurants that offer many options of delicious food. You will live the life of citizens and be able to learn more about their customs, traditions and festivals.

    Knowledge of Rwanda’s history:

    If you want to know the country’s history, you should definitely visit it, as it is one of the countries that have suffered severely from the occuAl Bahahn violence and invasions for a long time, as Rwanda was subjected to many brutal genocides, which began extensively in the year 1994 AD, by the Hono groups that It attacked the Tueti tribe, and more than 700,000 citizens were killed in less than a hundred days, in addition to many women who were raped, which led to a major setback in the country.
    Rwanda has managed to overcome this tragedy, and the museums in Kigali are still visualizing this hideous massacre, and it will enable you to learn more about the city’s history, and you will find in the museum many gardens that contain roses symbolizing national unity, tolerance and non-violence.

    Nyungwe Forest Park Tour:

    It is one of the most famous parks in the city and the most beautiful at all, as it enjoys a privileged location in the southwest corner of the country, and is also the original home for forests that need a tropical rainy climate in the country. For fruits, you will also find multicolored swarms of birds and bedding spread throughout the park.
    In the park you will find a metal bridge at an altitude of 50 meters extending over the forest, which will enable you to get an amazing panoramic view of the entire park, which is one of the most magnificent places in Rwanda.

    Interesting safaris:

    • Rwanda is one of the most wonderful places to participate in the fun safaris of the many parks in it, which are under the management of African organizations, and you will enjoy taking safari tours among the various animals between antelope, lions, giraffe, elephant and other jungle animals.
    • One of the best parks for safari trips is the Akagira Park, which is characterized by the diversity of its neighborhoods, in addition to the presence of many beautiful lakes suitable for capturing the most beautiful pictures and swamps where crocodiles, high hills and mountains are covered with green tops in a very impressive form.
    • In general, Rwanda is one of the most magnificent countries in Africa, and for this reason the gardens enjoy great fame, and it is a destination for many who seek nature’s beauty and witness wildlife that is real and charming in their natural environment.

    Watching traditional citizens dances:

    • Rwandan dance is one of the most popular types of dance in East Africa, as it is part of the folkloric heritage that the city has enjoyed for hundreds of years, and has been used as a kind of celebration of returning soldiers victorious from the battles.
    • The Rwandan dance is the gathering of dancers, and they jump on the drum beats, with the singing of women who wear traditional colored clothes while the male covers their head with beautiful smelling dinners in white color.
    • If you want to see Rwandan dance as it should be, visit the Museum of the King’s Palace located in Nyanza or visit the cultural center located in the city of Keniji, where you will find many wonderful displays that express the connection of art and dance to the country’s culture and celebrations.

    Bike riding:

    • The roads in the city are wonderful, and you may have the opportunity to ride a bike with members of the country’s team in the capital or on the mountain paths of charming nature if you want to add more excitement and excitement to your trip.
    • If you do not know riding a bike, many places organize a training trip that lasts for a period of half a day, and they will teach you all the rules and precautions for safety and security in addition to the techniques that you need in order to be able to ride the calf alone, and many tours around the city are organized by a special guide, In order to be able to visit the tourist places and landmarks without wasting a large part of time trying to reach the right address.
    • You can take more than a day tours with the members of the National Park, and it will be an unparalleled experience, full of suspense and fun, of course.

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