Tourism in Sakarya

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Sakarya is one of the most beautiful cities located in the Marmara region in northwestern Turkey and overlooks the coast of the Black Sea, and Sakarya Turkey has many types of tourism as the green nature is rich in rivers, plateaus, mountains, lakes and beaches, in addition to the presence of many ancient monuments that attract large numbers of Tourists, so it is considered one of the most important cities that helped to greatly stimulate tourism in Turkey .- + 0

The best of Sakarya

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Tourism in Sakarya - Tourism in Sakarya

The most important places of tourism in Sakarya Turkey

Sakarya Turkey has all the tourist attractions that visitors are searching for because of its beautiful places, we will review with you the best tourist places in Sakarya Turkey:

Sakarya River in Turkey

One of the most tourist attractions in Sakarya province, Turkey, where it stems from the center of the mountains of the city of Afyon and is surrounded by dense trees and green plants in a wonderful view with a lot of singing birds of different colors and types, and its length is about 400 km, it is classified as one of the longest rivers in Turkey, where it ranked The third after the Euphrates and Kizil Irmac.

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Lake Sapanca

It is one of the most splendid natural lakes on the international level, it is characterized by the charming nature in the mountains, and its length is about 16 km, and you can do some water activities in the Sakarya region in Turkey such as: swimming, water skiing, boat rides and enjoy the fresh air and picturesque views, as they spread Several popular restaurants near the lake.

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Tarakli Karagol Plateau

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Sakarya, which is located on the northern side of the Black Sea, and spread by a group of lakes in the middle of winding green roads and called it a plateau of magic and beauty.

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Mount Kartbeh

It is one of the important tourist destinations in Sakarya, Turkey, with a length of about 1650 meters, and this name was given because it means the summit of snow, and tourists come to it in the winter, especially skiing enthusiasts, where it is covered with snow and ice, and you can also enjoy a cable car ride over the snow.

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Kozluk Thermal Region

It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Turkey, as it is visited by many tourists, it contains hot springs that visitors enjoy, and some use it in natural treatments to recover from diseases, as it is one of the most famous places for medical tourism in Turkey.

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Justinian Bridge

The history of the construction of this bridge dates back to the Byzantine era, and it is considered one of the most important factors for the prosperity of tourism in Sakarya, as it was built over the Sakarya River, Turkey, so that tourists can enjoy the scenic nature surrounding it, and many go to it to enjoy the pure and clear atmosphere, especially in the early morning.

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Earthquake Museum

It is considered one of the strangest tourist attractions in the Turkish Sakarya region that was established in 2000 after a devastating earthquake in some Turkish cities, as it provides a set of important information about earthquakes in the form of models and realistic panels showing earthquake movements, their causes, the effects caused by them, and the different levels of it, It also contains a set of photos documenting the level of damage caused by this earthquake.

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