Tourism in Sapanca

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Lake Sapanca

A visitor can go to this lake, which is one of the lakes located on one of the tectonic pits, between the Bay of Izmid and the Adapazari Plains, which is parallel to Lake Iznik, and an area of ​​251 square kilometers, surrounded by mountains on the south side and a group of small hills on the northern side, as many resort Residents of the region to the lake water in order to meet their needs in addition to industrial, and this lake is among the few lakes in Turkey that provide drinking water.

The village of Al-Maachouqa

The Turkish countryside is one of the places that enjoy stunning scenery, where a visitor can go to the village of Al-Ma’sheqiya near Lake Sapanca in order to enjoy the beauty of nature. The visitor can also explore this village in order to take a glimpse of the local life in it and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere in the open air He also has the experience of having a Turkish-style lunch under a canopy of trees near the waterfall in the area.

Historic places in Sapanca

There are many attractions in Sapanca, including:

  • Rustem Pasha Mosque: In 1555 CE, Rustam Pasha built this mosque, and despite its location in the city center and its passage of numerous restoration works, it still receives worshipers.
  • Hassan Fahmy Pasha Mosque: This museum was built by Hasan Fahmi Pasha in 1885 CE in the village of Muhammadiyah, and it must be noted here that this mosque is decorated with a group of beautiful inscriptions.
  • Vichy portal: It is rumored that the architect Sinan was the one who built this artifact, despite the lack of sufficient information, as it is alleged that the Silk Road used to pass through this place, and this arch was subjected several times to several repairs, the first of which was at the hands of an official in the Sapanca region without attachment Damage to the original structure.


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