Serbia has an emerging tourism that depends on its countryside with a charming nature, which includes mountains and green plains in addition to the hot water that comes out of the springs, and this made tourists flock to it for the purpose of treatment and recreation.

Before traveling to Serbia

Where is Serbia located? The Republic of Sarya is one of the Balkan countries and it is located in the continent of Europe from the southeastern side. It is bordered by Romenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade

Traveling to Serbia requires a Serbian visa by checking and requesting the Serbian embassy in your country

The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar, the official language in the country is Serbian, while English is a common language for a percentage of the population.

The cost of travel to Serbia is considerably cheap compared to other European countries such as France and others

What are the best times to travel to Serbia?

The best time to visit Serbia is from February to May and from August to October

What is the sufficient period for tourism in Serbia?

The sufficient period for tourism in Serbia and for visiting the most important tourist places is 10 days

Let us now know the most beautiful tourist destinations in Serbia, namely:

Tourism in Belgrade

Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities of Serbia, as it is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe and a great destination for tourism destinations in Serbia, where entertainment and shopping options vary in addition to many historical monuments, some dating back to the pre-Christian era.

Tourism in Serbia Belgrade is considerably cheap and most of its residents speak English, so city visitors find it comfortable to move in and deal with them.

The most important tourist places in Serbia, Belgrade

On this tab, we collected the best tourist places in Serbia, Belgrade, which are worth a visit … Read more

Serbia tourism

Tourism in Subitsa

One of the most important tourist destinations in Serbia and distinguished by its ancient history, it is a city dating back to the fourth millennium BC, the city includes many tourist attractions and is also famous for its markets

The best tourist places in Serbia

Tourism in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is also one of the ancient cities of Serbia, which includes a group of the best tourist places in Serbia, this beautiful city is located on the banks of the Danube and includes many parks and public parks in addition to historical monuments such as castles and churches

Tourism in Serbia

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