The city of Sharm El-Sheikh is the least that is said to be the pearl of the Gulf, for its bright waters of coral reefs, its temperate atmosphere, and its sandy dunes that sparkle in the desert. Inevitably.

We cannot overlook the possibility of Sharm El-Sheikh to raise the level of economy and tourism in Egypt, as it attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world, and has obtained high positions in diving under the depths of the Red Sea, in addition to the amazing safaris.

Best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Due to the abundant tourist turnout to the city of Sharm El Sheikh in all seasons from inside and outside Egypt, many hotels were built to provide quiet accommodation for expats, as it is characterized by its strategic location close to the most famous tourist sites, below we will get to know the Sharm El Sheikh hotels grouped in one place In order to reach the full benefit of all those looking for luxury Sharm El Sheikh hotels … Read more

Sharm el-Sheikh hotels

Tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh

Today, we will give you a comprehensive guide on tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, to be your primary reference when you intend to travel to it, as it is a real treasure around the enchanting city of Sharm El-Sheikh with its attractions and high-end hotels.

Places of entertainment in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for providing many happy entertainment places that give visitors a delightful mood when visiting them, as for cruises and safari special character, it is one of the most important entertainment programs in the tourist city of Sharm El Sheikh.

We recommend to you a group of the most popular entertainment places in Sharm El Sheikh that suit families and newlyweds through the following tab .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh Tourism

Sharm El Sheikh beaches

Sharm El Sheikh is called the jewel of Sinai that shines on the throne of all Egyptian cities, it is a coastal city that overlooks the Red Sea, which owns sparkling beaches with its turquoise waters and therapeutic sands.

We have dedicated the following report for you to learn more about Sharm El Sheikh’s vibrant marine life and fun activities .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh tourism

Malls in Sharm El Sheikh

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh is packed with shopping tourism in the huge malls that were built on the latest international designs, on which tourists rely heavily on purchasing what they wish of products of famous brands, the most important of which is the magnificent Genena City Mall.

You can click on the following link to get to know the most famous malls in the upscale Sharm el-Sheikh .. Read more

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Landmarks of Sharm El-Sheikh

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh contains a large number of monuments that attract many tourists and this leads to a significant increase in the level of tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh. You can visit the Hollywood city of Sharm El-Sheikh, and attend delightful dolphins shows, among others.

We provide you with a comprehensive guide to the most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh that have been liked by many .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh Tourist

Sharm El Sheikh in the winter

Tourism field in Sharm El Sheikh opens its doors for fans of the warm winter climate, where Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its warm weather in the winter, as it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for diving enthusiasts among marine creatures, with the ability to visit many religious monuments.

We collected for you a wonderful selection of tourist places that can be visited in the city of Sharm El Sheikh during the winter .. Read more

Tourism of Sharm el-Sheikh

Tourist areas in Sharm El-Sheikh

If you need to spend a special holiday full of passion and exciting excursions, all you have to do is tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, the leading city in the world of entertainment. It is a jewel that embraces many tourist areas that give its visitors the best levels of luxury.

To get the most beautiful tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh, you can read on the next tab .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh Tourism

Sharm El Sheikh reserves

Sharm El Sheikh offers many fields for all lovers of tranquil nature and psychological relaxation in the charming natural reserves, with the possibility of seeing many wild animals and amazing marine creatures.

We were able to collect the most beautiful Sharm El Sheikh reserves in one report, to reduce the burden of inaccurate searches by clicking on the following link .. Read more

Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh restaurants

Sharm El Sheikh contains a luxurious bouquet of restaurants distinguished by its charming view of the shores of the Red Sea, offering the richest types of food from all over the world, but the best of them are seafood that is characterized by its irresistible taste.

If you need to know the most famous restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, this report will provide you with the locations of restaurants and what meals each restaurant provides .. Read more

Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh

Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh

One of the most important elements of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is the presence of many markets that provide its visitors with the highest level of services, in addition to many delightful recreational activities, and the most important of these markets is the old market.

Everything you are looking for will be found inside the unique Sharm El Sheikh market, so we brought you the most prominent of them in one place .. Read more

Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh

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