Slovenia is one of the newly emerging countries in the field of tourism, as more and more tourists from European and other countries have come to Slovenia to enjoy the splendor of its landscapes such as mountains, valleys, rivers, caves and others.

Where is Slovenia located?

Slovenia is one of the European countries located in the south of Austria and north of Croatia, it is bordered to the west by Italy, and it also has borders with Hungary in the east.

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Now let’s get to know the most beautiful tourist destinations in Slovenia, which are:

Tourism in Ljubljana

The capital, Ljubljana, is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Slovenia, as it hosts many prominent tourist attractions, most of which are concentrated in the center of the old city, where the historical monuments.

Tourists coming to Ljubljana can practice many activities, such as walking and cycling near the Ljubljana River, taking a boat tour of the river, or even shopping in its markets and shops and enjoying the most delicious meals in its restaurants overlooking the river.

The most important places of tourism in Slovenia Ljubljana

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Where is Slovenia - pictures of Slovenia tourism

Tourism in Bled

Bled is a small city located in northwestern Slovenia, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia, its location in the Julian Alps on the banks of the charming Lake Bled has made it a destination for many tourists, especially those who love quiet natural places.

The city of Bled has a picturesque nature, allowing its visitors to enjoy a memorable vacation, as it is called the bride of tourism in Slovenia.

The most important places of tourism in Slovenia is Bled

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Bled Island is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia

Tourism in Maribor

One of the most beautiful cities of Slovenia is located in the west of the country, about 127 km from Ljubljana, it is the second largest city and is famous for the presence of large areas of vineyards and vineyards, the river passes through the city.

Maribor includes many tourist attractions such as parks and historical places such as ancient churches and museums, in addition to interesting shopping places and restaurants that provide visitors with the delicious and delicious local and international dishes.

The cities of Slovenia and the most important tourist places in Slovenia

Tourism in Bovec

Bovec is a region located in northwestern Slovenia, 130 km from the capital, Ljubljana. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia, as it contains stunning natural scenery and is suitable for romantic trips for couples and honeymoon.

Among its most famous landmarks are the Boca Waterfalls, as well as the Soka River, which is characterized by a group of activities that it provides for its visitors, such as walking, mountaineering and rocks, as well as skydiving alongside boat trips and kayaking.

Tourism in Slovenia pictures

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