South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in the world besides it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that many people are unaware of. Tourism in South Korea gives the tourist a unique and different experience as it has many attractive tourist places and many charming scenery and many wonderful shrines dating back to ancient times, as well It is considered among the countries that have sovereignty in the East Asian region.
Seoul is one of the most densely populated countries in Korea, as its population is more than half the population of South Korea. Now, South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in the world and its people enjoy a very high level of luxury and good living, especially as it is known for its advanced level of health. Education, the economy, and in the field of research and development and the field of industry, many of the largest international brands, whether electric devices or mobile phones and cars are Korean companies, and South Korea is the number one country in the world in terms of internet speed and here are more details for travelers Comprehensive Arab Arabs.

The most beautiful places of tourism in South Korea with pictures:

Seoul Tower:

Seoul Tower
The Seoul Tower for Monitoring and Communication is considered one of the most prominent modern buildings in the capital, Seoul, and is considered the highest point in the city, where it is boarded, where it is boarded by an air tram that connects passengers from the district of Huyuhan above Mount Namsan, and passengers from there on foot to reach the Tower of Seoul There are many restaurants that you can sit in to enjoy the most amazing panoramic view of the city.

  • Jeong Palace:

It is known as the North Palace, and it is considered the royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. This palace is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in South Korea and dates back to the 14th century. It is one of the five most magnificent palaces in the country, and the meaning of Jeong Palace in the Korean language is the Palace of Happiness. This palace was burned during the Japanese occuAl Bahahn period But it was renovated after that, and the number of rooms in the palace is 7700 rooms.

  • Dongdaemun:

Dongdaemun is in Korea

It is the largest shopping area for retail and wholesale in South Korea, and this region includes about 30 thousand stores and 26 commercial complexes, and there are 50 thousand manufacturers, and visitors often visit them during the night.

  • Insadong:

Insadong in Korea
It is considered one of the most attractive and distinctive areas in Seoul, and this region is considered a focal point of traditional Korean culture in terms of handicrafts, and there are many stores that specialize in selling handcrafted goods, and there are some products that can only be purchased through this street such as Hanji (paper) Traditional) as well as hanbok (traditional costume), buying pottery, traditional tea and other popular products.

  • Myeongdong:

It is one of the most famous shopping areas in Seoul, where everything can be obtained related to fashion and fashion. In this region there are many restaurants that offer Korean and Japanese cuisine and fast food.

  • Hongdae:

It is a center of Korean youth nightlife, as there are many clothes stalls, cafes, many shops, clubs and stalls along the main corridor.

  • Blue feather

Korean blue feather
The official residence of the President of the Republic in Korea and the Executive Office of the Presidency is considered this magnificent palace that grabs the attention of all its visitors as every corner of its corners dazzles all its visitors, as well as military shows, appearances and honor guard parades that are held weekly.

  • Itaewon:

It is the first tourist area for Seoul, which was created specifically to shine the spotlight on the city to be a global tourist interface and an international destination providing enjoyment of shopping and cultural and entertainment experiences, there are many halal restaurants in addition to the Islamic Center located in Seoul.

  • Bukchon Village:

This village is bordered to the east by Chanduk Palace and to the west Jeong Palace. This village includes a large number of Korean houses built from traditional Korean style wood and known as Hanuk houses. This village dates back more than six centuries.

  • Global Lot:

Global Lot
It is considered one of the largest entertainment cities covered in the world, with annual visitors reaching 8 million visitors, and there is a picturesque and wonderful outdoor garden known as Magic Island, which is an industrial island located inside the lake, and includes a popular museum and a number of shopping centers and many facilities There is a luxury hotel and a number of cinemas, and the island is also connected to an electric train.

  • Namisium Island:

This island, which is considered the perfect interface for all fans of Korean drama, because it is a place where the famous Korean series, the series Winter Songs or Winter Sonata, was filmed.

  • Changdok Palace:

Changdok Palace
This second royal palace, which comes next after Gyeongbokgung Palace, dates back to the construction of Changdomen Palace in the year 1405, and the buildings have remained largely intact for six centuries, and this palace had a great and great influence on the development of Korean architecture and the development of landscape planning, gardens and all related arts.

  • Everland:

The city of Everland
It is the largest amusement park in South Korea, with an area of ​​one hundred hectares, and this entertainment city ranks fourth among the most visited Korean parks in the world, with annual visitors numbering about 9 million visitors, and it has a flower garden, 40 amusement parks, a zoo and a safari.

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