Guide to the most famous places of tourism in Spain in December, as soon as the winter season approaches, some people prefer to go to distinctive tourist destinations in which to enjoy the beauty of the snow that covers many natural monuments, and that the costs of travel in this season decrease due to the lack of the peak of the tourist season.
Likewise, you can visit Spain in the winter season starting from November until April, and the average temperature in the winter season reaches 18 degrees, and through Arab travelers you can see the most beautiful tourist attractions in Spain in this season.

Tourism in Spain in December

1. Canary Islands

Canary Islands

  • You can not travel to Spain and enjoy the beauty of its natural features. John visit the Canary Islands, which is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Spain, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean and it includes the third longest volcano in the world, along with many important tourist attractions that have been included by UNESCO within the heritage sites Global.
  • The Canary Islands have a great tourist turnout as nearly 12 million tourists visit them, as it includes a group of the most beautiful islands in the world, most notably the Gran Canaria Island, which should start your tourism program there by visiting and enjoying the beauty of its natural features, it includes many recreational places such as Palmitos Park For birds.
  • One of the best islands to visit there is also La Gomera, which extends over an area of ​​40 km listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and you will have a pleasant time when you visit the island of Lanzarote, which includes Papagayo Beach.
  • Among the islands worth visiting is also the island of Tenerife, which is the largest island there, and there are many tourist resorts, most notably Las Americas.

2. Santa Cruz neighborhood

Santa Cruz neighborhood
  • Among the sights worth visiting in the city of Seville is the Santa Cruz neighborhood, which is one of the most famous and oldest areas in the city, as this neighborhood dates back to the medieval period and was at first a neighborhood for Jews and then became for Christians at the end of the fourteenth century.
  • This neighborhood is characterized by its colorful houses, along with its winding alleys, which are very similar to the alleys of Morocco and Tunisia, and this neighborhood is calm in most of its places because it is forbidden to pass through any car only. There are horse carriages for transportation.
  • The neighborhood includes many important tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is a garden that is bustling with picturesque orange trees, alongside Don Elvira Square, which is one of the most popular squares in Seville.
  • Inside the neighborhood there are a number of old houses that have been turned into restaurants and in which you can lounge and taste the best local and international cuisine.

3. The Royal Palace

Royal palace

  • Among the tourist attractions in the city of Madrid that will make you have a pleasant time when you visit it, the Royal Palace is an example of the splendor and beauty of the architectural design as it is one of the most beautiful and best palaces in Europe, and is located specifically in the West of Madrid on the Pailin Street, and its area reaches about 13 hectares.
  • The royal palace is the headquarters of the royal family in the past and its use is now limited to holding ceremonies now, and it includes many artistic holdings of statues, silverware and furniture, as well as the Museum of the Prado del Prado, which displays a collection of ancient weapons.
  • The palace is surrounded by a very beautiful garden, which is the Campodel Gardens, which are one of the most beautiful gardens in Madrid and have a quiet atmosphere.
  • Visit times start from nine in the morning until six and a half in the evening, and for more information about this place you can visit the official website of him through this link.

4. Rambla Street

Rambla Street

  • Rambla is very popular with local visitors and tourists alike, as it is the main street of Barcelona and is crowded with visitors, whether at day or night time.
  • The street includes many stores that sell various products, and from there you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs for your family and friends.
  • There are many clowns present in this street who offer fun entertainment as a kind of attraction for tourists, and they wear clothes in distinct colors, and they can take you the most beautiful memorial pictures for a little money, along with many artists who draw very accurate and beautiful personal paintings.
  • If you want to stay in hotels on this street, there is the Catalonia Avenue and the Catalonia Plaza Catalunya Hotel.
  • Dear reader, you can enjoy your visit to this beautiful country in winter and all the time, as well as you can get to know the most beautiful places of tourism in Spain in 2020.

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