Tourism in Spain

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Tourism in the State of Spain

Many tourists are attracted to Spain due to the ease of access to it, its warm climate, its beautiful beaches and its relatively low cost. Among the most important tourist attractions in Spain are Madrid, its museums, the Escorial Palace, the Valleen Valley, the Emerald Coast, north of Barcelona, ​​Granada, Seville, the Canary Islands and many others. The number of tourists arriving to Spain in 2003 CE About 51,829,596 tourists with revenues amounting to $ 46 million, and in 2005 the Ministry of Tourism estimated the daily cost in Madrid to be approximately $ 330.

Tourist attractions in Spain

Rio Tinto River

The Rio Tinto River is located in the southwestern part of Spain, and it is famous for its water discharge which is considered due to mining, and the flow of this river for nearly 100 km, and it is called the “Red River”, due to the pigmentation of sea water in red due to activities Mining that takes place along the course of the river, as this river is considered a location that attracts tourists due to the similarity of its properties to Mars and Jupiter, and its possession of a train and railways and is considered as a major means of transportation for tourism activities.

The Escorial

The Escorial is a memorial located in San Lorenzo, Spain, and it is one of the greatest buildings that show the beauty of the Baroque style, which dates back to the Middle Ages since the Renaissance, as this building preserves the history of Spain and preserves the memories of the Spanish Civil War during the days of government Royal of Spain, and reflects the tales of Spanish folklore, and the most famous sites included in this building is the Palace of Philip II, which is located next to the main altar of the church. Righteousness of murals.

Hercules Tower

The Tower of Hercules is located in the port of La Coruna on the western coast of Spain, and it is an ancient lighthouse located along the sea route of the Mediterranean Sea and even northwestern Europe. This tower symbolizes the strength of the Romans and their architectural knowledge, as this tower held despite the earthquakes, winds and coast waters.

Spain cities


Madrid is the capital of Spain and is the most densely populated city and is the third largest city in Europe, and the city contains a large number of churches in addition to organizing the largest bullfighting competition, and one of the most popular places to visit in Madrid is; The Prado Museum, which is one of the best art museums, has more than 8000 displays, and through it the display of many masterpieces of Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German artists, and you can visit the Royal Palace in Madrid, which is an important landmark attracting tourists to see the rituals and ceremonies of the guard.


Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast and is considered one of the most leading tourist destinations in the world because of its economic, trade and cultural exhibitions, in addition to its multiple sports as Barcelona is an economic and financial center for Spain, and one of the most popular places for tourism in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. It is a giant temple that was built by engineer Antonio Gaudi since 1889 AD and is still under construction after more than eighty years.


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