Tourism in Tangier

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Tangier is located in the Kingdom of Morocco, where it overlooks the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And it is considered one of the most populous Moroccan cities with a population of more than one million people, Tangier has been distinguished throughout history by its great importance derived from its important location, it is a link between the two continents: European and African, and it is also a link between the two important water bodies: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean . The city of Tangier Donna is well known and distinguished from all other cities for its great tourist importance, as this city includes many distinctive tourist attractions that have made it one of the important tourist attractions centers in the Kingdom of Morocco, and the following is a statement of the tourism situation in Tangier, with a mention of its most prominent tourist attractions.

Tourism in Tangier

Tourism in the city of Tangier is considered one of the most important sources of income for itself and its residents, due to many important factors that made it occupy this privileged position. The estimated percentage of visitors to the city from tourists is approximately forty-seven percent of the total tourists who come to the Kingdom of Morocco annually, due to The city contains all the necessary tourist facilities, in addition to stunning landscapes, and distinctive tourist attractions, as mentioned previously.

The most important tourist attractions in the city

The city’s landmarks:

  • Cave of Hercules: This cave is considered one of the largest caves located within the African lands. Its depth in the mountain is estimated at about thirty kilometers. The Cave of Hercules is characterized by its view of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and its proximity to one of the most famous landmarks of the region, Gibraltar, and many stories and legends have been woven around the cave, which increased its popularity and made it a center to attract tourists.
  • Casbah: The Kasbah contains a distinctive palace and mosque, located on the bank of the valley known as Wadi Al-Halaq, this region was famous as a very important historical area in the city, and this made it the top of the areas that can be visited during the trip to Tangier.
  • St. Andrew’s Church: It is considered one of the most distinguished churches around the world, it was built in the Islamic architectural style, and this, if it indicates something, indicates the unique blending of civilizations and cultures in the city of Tangier, and the openness of the Arab Maghreb people in general.
  • Moroccan Museum of Art: This place was built in the seventeenth century AD, on an elevated position in Tangier, overlooking: Gibraltar and Old City. The museum was used to be called the Sultan Palace, or the storehouse.
  • Edge Cafe: This important landmark is very popular outside Morocco, as it is considered the destination of many since it was established in the early twentieth century, as it is intended for its fans in order to enjoy drinking tea and spending beautiful times.


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