Tourism in Thailand

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The country of Thailand is located in the southeast of the continent of Asia, along with Laos and Cambodia to the east, and Malaysia to the south, and the Andaman Sea to the west, and Bangkok is the official capital of the country, while the area of ​​Thailand is estimated at 513.120 square kilometers with a population of more than 66 million people. Thailand was known as the Kingdom of Sam until the date of 7/23/1939 AD, the name was changed to Thailand, after which the name returned to Sam to be named after Thailand in 1949 AD.
As for the state’s economy, it is classified as good and fast. The country’s income depends on industry and tourism, and that economic growth made it the focus of attention of workers from different parts of the world, as it has a large number of expatriates.

Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is distinguished by the presence of many different terrains, distinguished history and wonderful buildings, which made it a place for tourists to entertain themselves and gain historical and religious knowledge of the country. In 2008 AD, the capital of Thailand – Bangkok – ranked third in the list of the best destinations of cities in the world, and reaches The number of tourists to the state is more than 10 million annually.

The most prominent tourist places in Thailand

Among the most prominent tourist places in Thailand are the following:

  • Similan Islands: The islands are located in the western Andaman Sea of ​​the country, and tourists come to them to enjoy their view and to practice diving hobby. When diving tourists can see the wonderful coral reefs in addition to seeing the large granite rocks.
  • Railay Beach: The beach is characterized by its location on a small island called the peninsula, and the beach is reached by boat, and upon reaching it the tourist practices the hobby of climbing on the rocks in it, as he sits on the beach to enjoy calm and relaxation.
  • Koh Tao Island: Which means Turtle Island, and is used by the tourist to dive and see coral reefs and wonderful sea turtles, as there is little possibility to see shark.
  • Pazara Chiang Mai: They are large and spacious arenas located between the buildings, and tourists go to them to enjoy the view of the market in which they are located, and they also buy handicrafts of wool, clothes and wonderful paintings.
  • The Grand Palace: The palace was built in 1782 AD to be the seat of the kings of Thailand, and after that the palace became a tourist place containing the eye-catching architectural style, and contains many of the Buddha’s temples and Buddha statues.
  • National Park: It is the national park located in the city of Shang Mai, the park is characterized by a dense presence of trees over large areas.
  • Fang Nga Bay: The bay contains many water caves, and there are limestone islands, and the caves are moved between small boats.


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