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Tourist places in the city of Jeddah

Al-Alawi Market

Tourists can visit the Al-Olwi Market by passing through the Gold Street, as this is the largest market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its stores are located in the center of the old city that is crowded during the pilgrimage season with the activity of pilgrims, as it contains Arabic deer jewelry, Islamic art, and traditional clothing Visit that market at sunset.

Al-Faqih Aquarium

The Aquatic Complex Aquatic Jurassic Aquarium contains a wide range of fish species, such as: sharks, turtles, and other features of marine life. There is also an ice rink, and children’s lanes, and there is a restaurant overlooking the Red Sea.

the green Island

Green Island extends across the water in the form of small chalets with a floor made of glass, through which you can see the fish below, and seafood is a list of the main food on that island, in addition to Lebanese and Indian cuisine.

Abdel Raouf Khalil Museum

The Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum is located in the city center, and contains the Islamic cultural heritage of Jeddah, and its ancient history that dates back to 2500 years ago with clarification of the various civilizations that lived in the region. The museum consists of: the main buildings, the mosque, the facade of the castle, and the house Of Saudi heritage, a house of Islamic heritage, a house of world heritage, and a general heritage exhibition, in addition to containing a large collection of artifacts belonging to the Ottoman Turks and the tribes of fishermen who were the first to inhabit the region.

Durrah Beach

Al Durrah Beach Resort is a tourist city located on the northern coast of the Red Sea of ​​Jeddah, and contains many amenities such as: restaurants, health clubs, gymnasium, three swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, an equestrian club, a horse riding academy, and many sports Watercolor.

Country house

Bayt Al Balad is a museum that contains many artifacts, photographs and documentation of the history of the city of Jeddah.

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