Tourism in the city of Pamukkale in Turkey

المسافرون العرب

Tourism and leisure guide in Pamukkale, Turkey, have you heard of it before? When visiting Turkey, it is best for you to shop in the ancient antique streets and luxury luxury markets, or prefer to enjoy watching the scenic landscapes that many cities in Turkey enjoy. We advise you not to miss the opportunity to visit them because of their wonderful scenery, whether day or night, Arab travelers your guide If you want to travel anywhere you will find in our articles all that is special.

Pamukkale city in Turkey

It is a castle and means cotton pamuk that is known as a cotton castle, and it is famous that all its fans do not believe in fairy tales.

Pamukkale city site in Turkey

  • The warm ice zone in winter is located in Denizli Province, southwestern Turkey, on the Aegean coast.
  • There are many gradient springs and bright white caves that resemble cotton, and warm waters that resemble crystals, and more than 17 springs of mineral water explode in the city.
  • The ancient pomegranate gave it the name of Hierapolis, meaning the holy city. Indeed, they considered this place sacred to their worshipers.

Fountains of the city of Pamukkale in Turkey

  • It is located 19 kilometers north of Denizli.
  • It consisted of limestone travertine rocks millions of years ago, which contained calcium, which contributed to its strength and made it white.
  • These limestone deposits brighten the minds and hearts of tourists when the ice melts, so the view is similar to the Alps.
  • From ancient times people went to them for treatment, so they could swim in the warm springs to treat diseases, especially rheumatism and stimulate blood circulation.
  • And they could shower in these waters to get a rest and relaxation, as it was one of the most famous areas of medical tourism.
  • But more than ten years ago, the Turkish authorities issued a warning and banned showering, because limestone has suffered some serious damage. There are very few ponds that you can descend.
  • The governments of Turkey have also demolished the surrounding hotels that affected their bright white luster, and are now working hard to restore their luster, and have restricted the people who walk freely in them.
  • It has distinct temperatures throughout the year, but it is possible in the summer to rise a little, but not more than 35 degrees Celsius.
  • It is spread around Turkish baths that provide massage and massage services.
  • UNESCO places it on the World Heritage List to take more stringent measures to protect it.
  • Pamukkale University

  • It has a public university dating back to 1957.
  • You find it from the best universities in Turkey as it contains various fields of study of medicine of all kinds, and the faculties of economics, science and engineering, and it has a large number of institutes such as institutes of archeology and educational sciences, health sciences, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation and vocational training institutes.
  • The university includes a huge library rich in volumes and scientific books covering all fields.
  • It contains a theater and several gyms.
  • She invented many programs and projects to exchange science and experiences with other universities.
  • She awarded Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan an honorary doctorate in the field of international relations.
  • How to get to Pamukkale

  • You can get to Denizli and then ride a minivan or taxi to it. It took no longer than twenty minutes.
  • If you live in Istanbul, do not exclude the distances, it is only 600 kilometers from you, then you can visit the springs by organizing with a tourist company that owns buses to travel, so the time does not take more than 10 hours.
  • As for Izmir, you can take the train and reach Denizli, and this does not exceed four hours.
  • You should visit it when traveling to Turkey as it is one of the unique places in it.

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