Tourism in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in the center of the European continent, bordered on the western side by Germany, on the south side by Austria, on the southeastern side by Slovakia, and on the northeastern side by Poland.

Prague is the capital of the country, which ranks fifth in terms of tourist attraction in the European continent, and the country has an area of ​​78,866 square kilometers, and over 1.2 million people live on it.

The Czech Republic is a major tourist destination in Europe, and attracts tourists mainly from the countries of Germany, Russia, Poland, the United States of America, Israel and the United Kingdom, as the country contains a large series of tourism services such as transportation, and hotels.

touristical monuments

The Czech Republic has many distinctive sights that many tourists and foreigners visit, including the following ===

Powder tower

The tower is known as the Powder Gate, and it is one of the Gothic buildings. Its construction dates back to the eleventh century, and it is considered a boundary between the old town and the new city.

Karlštejn Castle

It is one of the Gothic castles that was founded in 1348 AD by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, located thirty kilometers from the southwestern side of Prague, and it contains three balconies, three rooms on the ground floor, and bedrooms on the second floor in the eastern part, and a hall for events in The western part of the same floor.

Hluboka Castle

It is one of the most beautiful castles in the country, and was built in the second half of the thirteenth century, and rebuilt several times after that; it was expanded during the Renaissance period, and was rebuilt during the Baroque era, and it has remained in this state since the nineteenth century by order of Johann Adelf II And it was taken by his headquarters in 1939 AD after Adolf Schwarzenberg deserted it after being chased by the Nazis, and it is now a national cultural monument in the country.

Pillar of the Holy Trinity

It is a memorial built for the glory of God in the year 1716 AD, to celebrate the Catholic Church, and to believe in a sense of gratitude, because God saved them from the plague that afflicted the country, and the height of the pillar reaches thirty-five meters, to be the highest sculpture in the Republic, and the column is distinguished by the presence of the statue of John It is located in the middle part of it.

Shumava National Park

The city extends in the southern part of Bohemia to the border with Germany, and it opens four days before the end of 1963 as a landscape reserve. The park consists of forests, high mountains and water bodies, and its highest point reaches 1378 meters above sea level.


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