Tourism in the Czech state

المسافرون العرب

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the continent of Europe and covers an area of ​​77.247 square kilometers of land and 1.620 square kilometers of water, which makes it the number 117 country in the world by area, with a population of approximately 10.177.300 people, and the most famous city in the Czech Republic is Prague, Which is the capital and political center of the country, and has a population of 1,165,581 people, located along a longitude of 14.42 and latitude 50.09.

Sightseeing in Czech Republic

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is considered one of the most popular places preferred by tourists in the Czech Republic, as this castle is located in the Hradcany neighborhood and dates back to the late tenth century. Throughout its long history, the castle has witnessed many exciting changes in the architectural style.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

This castle is located in the old city and is well protected due to its history dating back to the thirteenth century, and includes many halls such as Rosenberg Hall, Renaissance Hall, Royal Apartments and St. George Church, in addition to the old Baroque Theater that was built in 1682 AD and is still used for special shows, as well as The castle contains many paintings, furnishings, elegant decoration and distinctive old furniture, in addition to that the castle contains forty buildings including ancient palaces, castle grounds and gardens that can be visited easily by tourists.

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Karlsten Castle

Karlstein Castle can be visited via rail from Prague, and this castle is one of the places that showcases the crown jewels in Bohemia, and tourists can get acquainted with these jewels and how the inhabitants of the castle live in the past. Medieval, as tourists can inspect shops and get inexpensive souvenirs.

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The city of Karlovy Vary

One of the most important recreational resort areas in the Czech Republic, the city of Karlovy Vary is in one of the most important recreational areas in the Czech Republic, where it is visited by tourists to relax in order to drink and shower the good water that flows through the ground in the region and formed bubbles since ancient times.

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