Tourism in the French city of Annecy

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French city of Annecy

Annecy is located in the southeast of France, within the province of Savoy specifically, and away from the capital, Paris, about 550 km; while it is separated from the Swiss capital Geneva only 43 km, and some call the city the city of romance and lovers.

The climate in Annecy

The city has a picturesque nature, it is located on the foothills of the Alps, in addition to the presence of one of the beautiful lakes that the city is located on the northern end of it, along with the spread of rivers in it, streams of water, and water bridges as well. The city is characterized by its ancient architectural character, prominent in its markets and buildings The historical history of the sixteenth century AD, which makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in France.

The most important tourist attractions of Annecy

One of the most important places in the French city of Annecy :

  • Mount Simnose: Mount Simneaux is located in the French Alps, with a height of about 1699 meters, above sea level.
  • Lake Annecy: It is the third largest French lake, and it is located beneath the high-rise French Alps, and visitors can take a tour there, by booking one of the ships that cruise the lake, and land in eight cities on the banks of the lake.
  • Le Champ de Mars: It is a large park located on the shores of Lake Annecy, and has an area of ​​seven and a half hectares, and has large green areas, enabling children to play freely, in addition to the existence of walking paths.
  • Al-Dail Fort: The history of the castle dates back to the year 1132 AD, where it was the seat of Lord Annecy, to which the city was named, in the twelfth century AD, and was classified as a historical landmark in 1900 AD.
  • Chateau de Annecy: This castle was among the homes and palaces of the Savoy province during the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries AD, and later the castle came under the administration of the city of Annecy, and opened it as an institute of music and a museum of folk art.
  • Imperial palace: Today, it has become a hotel that attracts many tourists due to its view of the French Alps and its proximity to the beautiful shores of Lake Annecy.
  • St. Pepper’s Cathedral: It is a Roman Catholic cathedral, and is considered the national monument to France in the city, and its construction dates back to the beginning of the sixteenth century AD, and it was a temple before it was converted into a cathedral in 1822 AD.
  • St. Clair Street: It is famous in the name of Romantic Street, and it is characterized by its beautiful arches, and the ancient street includes a large number of restaurants and shops.
  • Lover’s Bridge: Which many of the arrivals to the city roaming or walking on it, and take pictures with friends and loved ones also, and the love locks on both sides.


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