Information about the Lauterbrunnen Valley region is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world and is one of the most beautiful tourist places that exist in Switzerland, where the Swiss Swiss Lauterbrunnen Valley includes many picturesque scenery, which combines the countryside, the valley, mountains and waterfalls as well, and through this article on Arab travelers will get to know in detail the valley of Lauterborn and also the most beautiful areas to visit in the valley.

Where is the Lauterbrunnen Valley located?

The Lauterbornen Valley can be reached by riding trains, as the valley is located near the mountain road, which is characterized by its narrowness, as it is only a few kilometers away, and the place can be reached through several different trains, and it can be varied between them, and the valley is also a distance estimated With a value of twelve kilometers from the Interlaken region, the valley of Lauterborn can also be reached by taking a bus, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Switzerland. Also, the valley of Lauterborn can be reached through the region of Grindelwald, which is also a distance of thirty-seven A kilometer, and that’s what it means It takes about an hour by car from Grindelwald to reach the Waterborne Valley.

The most important places to see in the Lauterborn Valley:

There are many different and many places that can be visited in the area of ​​the Lauterborne valley, where the valley includes many beautiful natural scenery, which are considered one of the most attractive places for visitors, due to the beauty and abundance of the existing views that are admired by many people, and one of the most beautiful places that You can enjoy it in the following Lauterborn Valley:

First: Trommel Bach Falls:

These waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful places that include distinctive landscapes, and the most important thing that distinguishes these waterfalls is that they are a series of waterfalls where the number reaches ten waterfalls, which are located below the mountains, and these waterfalls get water through the melted snowy mountains, as well There are many green plants, trees and plants around the waterfalls, in addition to a group of the most beautiful birds that produce the most beautiful sounds and tunes, and Trommel Bach waterfalls are distinguished that they can be visited throughout the week, but from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon, and at a very simple cost which is ten Frank per capita.

Second: Stobach Falls:

This waterfall is considered one of the very famous places in Switzerland, especially in the Waterborne valley, as it is a tall waterfall, with a height of more than three hundred meters, and the most important thing that distinguishes this waterfall from many other places that exist in the Waterborne valley is that It can be visited for free and available to all.

Third: The Schilthorn Summit:

The Schilthorn mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains that can be seen in the world, as it is an iceberg that has a very big reputation in Switzerland, and the most beautiful views can be enjoyed on the top of the mountain during the summer season, where green spaces and plants cover it. In the winter, the Schilthorn summit is Covered with snow, which makes it one of the most suitable places for skiing enthusiasts. There are also distinct trips available by cable car, which can be enjoyed through watching the most beautiful views over the summit of Schilthorn, especially in the summer season. The mountain, from above an altitude of nearly two thousand nine hundred meters, is famous for this area in which one of the famous films of James Bond was shot.

Fourth: the village of Grindwald:

This village is one of the most beautiful places to visit, as it includes a wonderful group of chalets as well as distinct streets, which are located between the foothills of the mountains, in addition to a group of distinct rivers, and the village of Grindwald also has a large group of carved caves, which were created by nature From snow and snow, there is also a small museum in this village, through which many activities of the residents of this small village can be identified, and more about skiing in this place, and many other different activities that can be done in this small village that includes barbecue P narrow characteristic.

Entertainment in the Lauterbornen valley:

There are many ways that can be enjoyed in the Lauterborne valley, where there are many picturesque landscapes that please the eyes in addition to that some activities can be done that provide you with entertainment and enjoy your times, among these are the following:

First: Take a helicopter tour:

You can enjoy spending quality time by taking a helicopter tour, which has many different programs and excursions, which take you on a special tour for each of the excursions, the length of time you will spend on the plane, which includes alpine trips and the Schilthorn summit, as well as a trip to the glacier And various other programs.

Second: the cable car ride:

A tour can also be taken by cable car, in order to see the many picturesque places above Mount Schilthorn, which takes more than thirty minutes to climb the mountain only.

Third: Visit to the village of Morion:

Weinqen Village is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland, as this village is characterized as one of the villages that are completely car-free. This village can be visited by taking a train, and the village provides one of the most beautiful views of the Lauterburn Valley. Enjoy watching the church in the village, which is one of the most beautiful churches in addition to the magnificence and charm of the place.

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