Tourism guide in the old city, Bucharest, Romenia, Bucharest, the Romenian capital and the largest city in it, and is the most important commercial and industrial center, enjoying its deep history and its embrace of many wonderful monuments that arouse interest from buildings, museums, churches and an ancient town, and Europeans call it Las Vegas Europe while the Arabs call It has a city of a thousand and one nights and is well known among the writers as the City of Legends, this city where myths mix with facts as it stretches both wings on the Dembovita River, which he works for two parts, so that the city appears to be a plaque of magic and significance that lies in its depth Legends.
In addition to the strategic location that distinguishes it, Bucharest wears an architectural mantle of great beauty to reflect all the features of architectural diversity, as it bypassed modern and modern buildings with ancient historical buildings, it is a unique mix between the two traditional medieval architecture and modern communist architecture, and this city has been exposed Destruction due to earthquakes and wars, but the glory of this city has remained steadfast despite the difficult history that Bucharest has gone through, and here are more details for Arab travelers.

Tourism in the old city of Bucharest:

Or the old town in Bucharest, where the seat of Dracula’s rule was and dates back to the 15th century. There are still some ruins that tell about the story of Dracula, and it was and still is an important commercial center in the city. From 1819 to 1843, next to all this was the wife of the Little Boyar, who caught fire the first day of Easter in 1847 as a result of the strong winds that befell the country and this fire was known as the Great Fire.
The ancient city of Bucharest is one of the oldest settlements in the city, as its buildings and structures date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. And it is still distinguished by its charming historical real estate, despite the presence of many of them that need to be developed and renewed. Loire city.

Activities you can do while in the old town of Bucharest:

  • Strolling through the streets of the old town, which is characterized by its narrow narrow streets, this is fun in itself, as it is possible to see the ancient buildings, enjoy watching the old churches and enjoy the splendor and fragrant past.
  • Visiting the ancient churches in the old city, which are distinguished by their unique architecture and splendor of their decoration. Among the most famous of them are the Zlatari Church, Stavropolis and Silary. These three churches date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Shopping from any of the shops that are there and buying souvenirs, especially from Labsani Street, which is one of the most famous streets of the old town and is located in its south. You can also shop from Gabrioni Street.
  • Visiting the field, which is adjacent to the ancient court of the court, which is one of the most famous squares of Bucharest, because it includes many monuments and walls, which are the remains of the royal court traces. In addition to the presence of a number of reception halls besides the presence of the palace.
  • Experience traditional Romenian food and drinks in any of the restaurants located in the old Bucharest streets.
  • Visiting the old cafes in the old town, which were built back to ancient times, when the old town was on the commercial road linking East and West, as traders used to visit them during their transit trips.

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