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This city is known as the beating heart of the Republic of Benin, although it is not the capital, and it is also one of the areas that interest the visitor most because it contains many landmarks such as:

  • Romenian Catholic Cathedral of Cotonou: This cathedral is characterized by the presence of an external façade made of white and maroon stones.
  • Central Cotonou MosqueVisitors can distinguish this mosque from the two white towers located between a city that contains a group of low-rise buildings.

Lake Geneva Village

This village is located approximately four hours from the capital, and includes approximately 20,000 people who are in homes on stilts in the middle of Lake Nokoue, and the villagers move in this lake by using boats, besides the residents of this region are keen to The breeding of a few domesticated wild animals that live on grassy land growing from water, and due to the lack of large quantities of these animals, the inhabitants of this region relied on finding a complex network of fence under the water in order to collect various fish.


Natatingo is one of the most vital areas in the north of the Republic of Benin, and is known as Nati. It is possible to stroll at the base of the nearby Atakura Mountains, in addition to the Pendjari National Park. In terms of housing, as well as food.

Grand Popo

It is known as one of the beach cities that allows the visitor to spend several quiet days, as this city provides a group of activities at the end of the week, in addition to that, Grand Popo includes a group of luxurious places such as high-end resorts and comfortable camps that enable the visitor to stay in.

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