The Rhein fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland, and in the world as a whole. How can it be reached and what are the different activities that can be done in it? What are its coordinates? The distance between them and Interlaken is the most important detail for Arab travelers.

Zurich waterfalls in Zurich:

The Rhine Falls are located directly on the River Rhine in the north of the country between the cantons and the city of Zurich, and you can reach it through beautiful ships as it is one of the most important stations in the river, which runs in the beautiful natural fields and near it there are the most important Swiss castles.

How did the Rhine falls?

It is one of the oldest waterfalls in Switzerland, and the virtue of the tectonic transformations that led to the retention of the river’s water has emerged to form a mere new, and then the emergence of another optional stage from the transformation of the chalky solid materials to a place for the water to flow into gravel and then drove in the form of cubes of water to a great depth .
In the middle, a mass of rock has retained its stability and resistance to various environmental factors for many years, and today the Rhine Falls have become one of the most important tourist attractions that attract tourists from all parts of the world, and the width of the waterfalls is more than 140 meters and its height is about 23 meters, which recorded the highest level of water flow in 1965 It reached 1250 cubic meters per second.

Access to the Rhine Falls:

If you are in the capital of Switzerland, “Zurich”, you will only need forty minutes to reach the Rhine Falls, whether you take a car, bus or train from Zurich, get to Schaffhausen station, and ride bus No. 1 or No. 2, which will reach you to an area called Neuhausen and will not This takes only 10 minutes and is the place where the Rhine Falls and you can enjoy seeing them from any different angle. Not only is its body different with the difference in the place you see it from, for example, if you enjoyed watching the Rhine waterfalls in terms of the bridge between the two banks, you will be amazed to see the waterfalls in a complete way that embodies the magic of nature, which is the creativity of the Creator, Glory be to God.

Amazing activities taking place in the Rhine Falls:

It is worth noting that the Rhine Falls is one of the most important tourist areas in Switzerland thanks to the beauty of nature and the splendor of the landscape of the water as it flows from a high altitude, and in order for visitors to reach them, they must first pass through Zurich, which includes many recreational activities and ancient monuments.
You can see the Rhine Falls from a cliff height, practice tourism, or take a boat tour to see the falls more attractive.
As for seeing the Rhine Falls from the rocky cliff, it is a place above the waterfalls that is one of the most important places in it, because it passes over the river in a very magical way and you can see the waterfall in a clear and more charming way, and there is a ladder that connects you to the top of the Rhine Falls to see the water flowing You look interesting and cheerful.

Swimming and boating:

When you reach the Rhine Falls, you will consider one of two things. If you are a fan of adventure and excitement, do not hesitate to ride the boats that will take you on a journey among the dazzling waterfalls in order to see their beauty closely, which is provided by the company Rhyfall mandil. 6 francs, and clear trips are made from 10 in the morning until 6 pm. If you love swimming, then do not hesitate to swim in the Rhine, which enjoys the beauty of water, charm and being warm throughout the day. You will feel a lot of pride, pleasure and water overwhelming you from all sides.

Visit the Schloss Laufen Complex:

It is one of the most elegant restaurants famous for offering many delicious dishes near the Rhine waterfalls, and it gives tourists the opportunity to get an amazing view of the waterfalls amazingly and adventurously equipped with double elevators in addition to the Belvedere pathway and there is a special store for souvenirs, and soon a children’s playground was opened In addition to the Historia, which is one of the most beautiful live exhibitions of the Rhine Falls.

Visit the Adventure Park:

It is also called Prob Park and it is considered one of the best places for entertainment and excitement in the Rhine Falls. It allows you to many wonderful activities and dazzling adventures such as moving from one tree to another or participating in the free fall in the River Rhine from a distance of 13 meters. Also, many exciting competitions are organized which require a lot It is as adventurous and daring as the distance to mute under the Rhine Falls. If you do not participate in these adventures, it is sufficient for you to see the participants and the enthusiasm they feel in these competitions, which require an adventurous spirit and a strong heart to participate in them.

The coordinates of the Rhine Falls:

First bank coordinates:

N47 40.745 E008 36.712

Facing bank coordinates:

N47 40.546 E008 36.900

How far is the Rhine Falls from Interlaken:

The distance between them is 224 kilometers, which equals two hours and 18 minutes by car, and two hours by train as you switch in Bern to Zurich and then take a train to the Rhine Falls.



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