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Austria is considered one of the beautiful cities, which enjoys the wonderful natural scenery, and its great cultural revolutions, as it is one of the cities that attract tourists, especially in the summer season, so it enjoys picturesque scenes in addition to the Alps, which can be visited, climbed, and there are many tourist places in Austria Great, worth visiting, and attracting tourists from different regions of the world.

Tourist places in Austria

Monastery Milk

This monastery is located on the highest slope in Austria, and it is considered the most famous monastery in the world, overlooking the Danube River, and was previously a fortress of Leopold, and then turned into a place to receive education in 1089, then it became a place of spiritual worship.

Schonbrunn Palace

And it is located in Vienna, which is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Austria, it is one of the great palaces, which contains 1696 rooms, which was built by the Emperor Leopold I, and it was a palace of the Empress for Maria in the summer, and there is a magnificent royal garden, which still maintains its magnificence to This time, there are many types of animals.

Alpine Road

It is the road that reaches Caesar Franz, and is characterized by its picturesque view. This road is opened from the beginning of May until the end of October, and it is closed in the winter season.


It is one of the famous small villages, which are characterized by the production of salt in it, and from the villages that have an ancient history, great wealth, and are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Austria.

Emperor Hofburg Palace

It is the official palace of the President of Austria, and since ancient times it was the seat of kings and emperors, and it became the seat of the Emperor of Austria in 1918, and attracts him greatly to see art in the wonderful architecture that is characterized by it.

Innsbruck Altstadt

It is one of the areas surrounded by snow-capped mountains on all sides, and it is one of the most beautiful natural scenery, and there are many villages from the Middle Ages, which are distinguished by its unique architecture, and there are also many commercial shops, markets, and famous tourist streets, and the golden stalk , And copper tiles.

St. Anton am Arlerge

It is one of the tourist areas worth visiting in Austria, and it is located in the village of Tirol, and it is characterized by its mythical terrain, which is preferred by adventure-loving and challenging people, as this region always attracts young enterprising tourists.

There are also many hotels in Austria that provide the best tourist services, the best prices, tourist resorts, and restaurants, which offer many distinctive dishes, which suit all tastes, in addition to the possibility of trying many new dishes, and shopping in many markets that spread in Austria.

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