Tourism in the state of Jordan

المسافرون العرب


Jordan is one of the Arab countries, and it is located in the Arab Middle East, near the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Red Sea, and Jordan has attracted many tourists from ancient times, because of its wonderful charm, and Jordan is one of the prosperous countries, which is characterized by its wonderful terrain and vibrant, as well as It has many tourist places worth visiting, and most of which bear witness to Romen civilization.

Tourism in Jordan

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest spot under the surface of the earth, forming a wonderful natural scenery and tourists come from all over the world annually to enjoy the wonderful sun. The Dead Sea water has been characterized by its great healing ability for many diseases since ancient times, so the Dead Sea water contains many important minerals and salts; Like potassium, bromine, sodium and magnesium, there are also many high-end hotels and resorts that can be accommodated in the Dead Sea, which provide many water recreational games.


It is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it has many wonderful tourist places, its unique geographical location, makes its climate mild and magical, located between the fertile Jordan Valley and the middle of the desert, and there is also the Romen amphitheater, which holds many festivals and concerts, and its buildings are distinguished. By building it from white stone, and the presence of trees in a large, coordinated, and clean manner, and there are also many hotels and restaurants that offer delicious food, and its people are distinguished by generosity, kindness, respect for the guest, and welcoming him in every chest.

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Which are located near the Dead Sea, which are hot waterfalls that contain pure mineral water, which flow from the highest mountain to travel in the valley, and go to the Blue River; therefore, its water is distinguished by its curative ability to treat many diseases, such as various bone diseases, so it arrives to it Tourists from all over the world annually to enjoy its hot water.


Jerash is located near the governorate of Irbid, and it is one of the oldest ancient cities that still preserve its present and luster, and is characterized by dense forests in it, and the city still maintains its Romen history, its paved streets, terraces, fields, and its Greek character, and it is possible to visit Jerash Castle, and enjoy With the wonderful atmosphere in it.


Ajloun has a wonderful and calm atmosphere, attracting tourists from all over the world to enjoy its wonderful forests, which are characterized by the fertility of its soil and the abundance of its water, and it is one of the oldest residential cities, which many residents have inhabited since ancient times, as there are many villages, which still retain With old buildings, and Ajloun Castle, distinguished by its military and Islamic engineering, which are located at the top of Mount Auf, a deep moat is surrounded around it, which forms a barrier that is difficult to penetrate, and there are many tall towers, and many large squares that accommodate millions of horses and jinn D.

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