Because London is a very big city, it contains within it an administrative division that contains 33 small cities, and each city has dozens of suburbs and villages, and the population of the suburbs of London is more than 350,000 people, and below we shed light on the most prominent of these suburbs and tourist attractions and look at the countryside of London Also.

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Tourist places in the suburbs of London

Barnet .. the headquarters of British aviation and the largest suburbs of London

Barnet City is considered one of the most important and famous suburbs of the city of London and contains many of the most important and most prominent landmarks of tourism, Barnet City is almost the largest suburbs of London, which is the headquarters of British aviation, and Barnet also has a museum of the British Royal Air Force.

Greenwich .. The most famous architectural designs and maritime history
The suburb of Greenwich is the most famous in London, and that suburb is located specifically on the south bank of the River Thames, and it is one of the best tourist attractions in the suburbs of London, because it is rich in unique and distinctive architectural heritage that dates back hundreds of years in more than one place there, and he had Designing its buildings, a number of the most prominent, most important, and most prestigious distinguished British architects, and maritime history is the most prominent characteristic of Greenwich suburb.

Barking and Dagenham .. the city of art and the most famous theaters

Barking and DagenhamThe suburb of Barking and Dagenham is one of the best places for tourism in London, and this suburb is located east of the central London region, which is a large city in length and width and its streets are wide and beautiful, and tourists enjoy a lot of wandering, hiking, cycling and seeing its beautiful buildings, and what is characteristic of the suburb of Barking and Dagenham is that it includes one of the most famous Theaters of the world and Broadway theater, and this theater is located specifically in the city center of Barking.

Bexley .. Wide green spaces and beautiful parks

BexleyThe Bexley suburb in London is one of its most popular tourist destinations, and it is also one of the unique tourist places that attract tens of tourist delegations to it every year. The Bexley suburb is located in the southeast of central London and can be visited within about 30 minutes using the train. The Bexley suburb is distinguished by It has open natural, green, and picturesque landscapes, the Bexley suburb includes more than 1500 acres of open spaces and green parks, which are very suitable places for recreation, hiking and practicing all recreational and sports activities that visitors love, and Danson Park is one of the most famous parks in the world It is located in the suburb of Bexley and features a lot of famous and distinctive natural scenery.

Borough of Hackney .. Diverse cultures and open markets

HereIt is not possible to talk about the beautiful city of London and its suburbs without mentioning the city of Hackney, and Hackney is a beautiful suburb of the best tourist places in London, which is always visited by tourists of different tendencies and orientations, and the secret of Hackney’s fame is known because it has a rich mixture of cultures, traditions and civilized customs, where It includes many of the popular ultra-modern destinations such as Shoreditch, a thriving cultural margin for the city of London, and it also has a wide range of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and famous comedy and entertainment venues.

Borough of Hillingdon .. the city of tranquility and relaxation

HillingdonHillingdon is considered one of the most important and most beautiful neighborhoods within the suburbs of London, and Hillingdon is intended from all over the world for tourists who tend to calm, relax and recuperate; the Hillingdon suburb is the least crowded and densely populated district of London, as it includes more than 800 acres of woods and open green areas that Any visitor can walk around and enjoy its beautiful natural atmosphere.


Brent suburb is the most famous in Britain in terms of interest in music, and Brent is considered one of the most important tourist places in London and one of the most famous places that includes the legendary Wembley Stadium, as it includes the English football home, and the Brent suburb is also distinguished by the musical side that qualifies it every year to receive crowds Huge tourists as one of the largest music halls in the capital, and because Brent receives millions of citizens every year from different countries, tastes, languages ​​and cultures, it is famous as the multicultural heart.

Camden Town .. the world music city

There is no doubt that the suburb of Camden is one of the most important and vital neighborhoods in the city of London, in Camden Town there is the choir center for musical tourism, as it is considered the main hub for the most diverse shopping places in all of London, and during which the tourists can enjoy learning about the most possible number of cultures Others around the world own a number of products and commodities.

Bromley .. Clean, green country

BromleyThe Bromley suburb is one of the destinations and destinations for many visitors to London, it is truly one of the largest neighborhoods in London as well as one of its best tourist attractions, and local citizens call the Bromley suburb the title of a clean, green town, and is famous tourist that it hosts a huge number of tourists every year and achieve numbers Amazing about that.

Anfield .. the historic city and seat of major sporting festivals


The Enfield suburb is one of the historical places in London, and the Anfield stadium is one of the very famous stadiums and the Liverpool team plays, and this place is historically rich and also at the present time it is a luxury that makes it attract many tourists from all over the world in order to enjoy following the new events And theaters, cinemas and various sports facilities.

Havering .. Green City and London’s most popular tourist destination

HaveringThe Havering suburb is characterized by many green areas and many of the most important and famous tourist attractions that attract tourists and local citizens permanently throughout the year. The Havering Park is one of the most famous of these tourist attractions, and the suburb is located on the northeastern edge of the London capital with an area of ​​nearly 40 square miles.

Croydon .. the most famous suburbs of commerce and shopping

Croydon is distinguished by its distinguished strategic location located between both London and Gatwick Airport, Croydon is also distinguished by its distinguished rail lines that extend to the British capital, and moreover, it is famous for having one of the most comprehensive and diverse shopping centers around The world, visited by many investors to conclude major commercial or investment deals with many shopping centers and major companies in this city, and is characterized as a commercial city and rich in transactions and major deals.

Ealing .. the city of amusement and beauty and the seat of the jazz festival

EalingEaling is the most famous suburb in terms of attracting tourists, and it is one of the most important tourist places located in West London. Ealing is distinguished as hosting the largest free jazz festival in Britain every year in August. Ealing is characterized as a station for a wide variety of playgrounds Entertainment and enjoy spending the best times, as it contains many attractive restaurants where tourists relax for lunch and to enjoy evening parties every day, especially in the urine park.

Hounslow .. Great view of the Thames River with the most beautiful historical monuments

The Hounslow suburb is the most famous British suburb in terms of nature and beauty, as it is called, where the Thames River passes along the southern border, and there are many beautiful and amazing areas, most notably the green strand and the Chesuke region, and there is also the Hounslow suburb Many historical heritage monuments, beautiful gardens, and a number of open areas.

Islington .. a thriving and literary theater

IslingtonIslington district is famous for being the area of ​​literature, art and culture in London, and in this city there are many leaders and elites from different orientations and professions and from liberals, journalists, writers and artists from famous Britain, this vital town includes what is called a thriving theater and is a great literary pride and wealth for everyone who works in This area and its fans and theater enthusiasts, and Islington boasts a wealth of great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

Kingston .. the city’s historic market and past and present beauty

KingstonThe Kingston suburb is located in a beautiful and very charming place where the Thames River passes in southwest London, and Kingston is considered a center for passengers and tourists to enjoy this great river, and Kingston attracts large numbers of tourists who are interested in shopping and history, as it boasts and its local citizens always boast that it includes the city market Historic and a good number of old and new monuments that refer to the civilization of Great Britain and its past and present and the sacrifices and achievements of its people.

Kensington and Chelsea .. Lack of hustle and sport festivals

The Kensington and Chelsea neighborhood is one of the most famous neighborhoods and suburbs of London and the most prominent tourist destinations and places, it is the town that has many famous shopping areas such as King Street, Olaya Kensington Street and Knightsbridge, and that suburb is also home to the famous Harrods, and tourists can enjoy a lot in their visit The Kensington and Chelsea neighborhood is a quiet, upscale, crowded town, also known for its sporting clubs and sporting events.

Sutton .. a country of fun and excitement

SuttonIt is the most beautiful and prestigious suburb in a large number of London’s suburbs, and Sutton is known as a place of diversity and excitement in London, and it is located precisely at the southern edge of London, and Sutton receives every year a large number of local visitors and others dozens of foreign delegations from different parts of Europe who came to enjoy the beauty of what Sutton galleries and galleries offer it and its places of entertainment and entertainment, and it is well known that the Sutton suburb is famous for its loud dances and music concerts and its organized festive shows, events and festivals on many occasions, so it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for local citizens.

Lambeth .. The most famous mall and diverse cultures

LambethThe city of Lambeth is distinguished by the fact that it carries the beauty of reality and the beauty of culture among the local people who maintained diversity, sophistication and pluralism and began to receive different nationalities, personalities, ideas and passions. Attractive and exciting, it stretches to Lambeth from the southern bank of the Thames on the outskirts of Strathm.

Newham .. a wonderful city with fast railways

NewhamThe city of Newham is located in the center of the London city of Docklands, and is characterized by its ruins, heritage and many historical places; which makes it one of the famous tourist suburbs of London, as well as the fast rail lines that pass through it, as it has the old London city airport, and the city has been chosen. To become a center for international travel, and every year it receives periodic delegations of tourists and visitors for various purposes, whether entertaining, scientific, professional or investment, among other goals and objectives.

Redbridge .. A wonderful combination of countryside and urbanization

RedbridgeThe Redbridge area is one of the most important suburbs of London and among the most famous tourist places, as it is one of the most prominent neighborhoods of green open places in London, and the Redbridge suburb includes large areas of green places, sports facilities and crowded shopping centers that tourists prefer, especially because they are at a high level of quality, elegance and excellence and most of them Certified with quality, the Bridge neighborhood stretches for about seven miles from the central London area, and the neighborhood is also marked on some outskirts by the beautiful countryside atmosphere.

Wandsworth .. the most beautiful suburbs of the Thames

LandsworthOne of the most beautiful tourist destinations in south London is the suburb of Wandsworth, which is very beautiful as it is known as the “picturesque neighborhood” and this beautiful suburb is located on the banks of the River Thames, and one of the most famous features that distinguish the buildings of this suburb is that it contains many high-rise chimneys, as the city contains a sleeve A large number of vast green spaces and famous squares where tourists enjoy hiking and taking famous memorial photos. Many visitors resort to hiking along the Thames promenade and enjoy riding beautiful small boats and taking memorial photos that appear in their backgrounds The luxurious Wandsworth Vivid and its tall towers with diverse engineering and architectural designs combining shapes from various eras.

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