Tourism in Tokyo

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The Japanese capital, Tokyo, is located to the west of Tokyo Bay, and is considered the closest to the mouth of the Sumida River. It is located to the east of Honshu Island, the largest of the four mainland islands of Japan. The country has taken from this city its capital since 1868 AD, and it occupies today a political, economic, and cultural importance for the Republic, and its area extends to two hundred and eighteen thousand seven hundred and sixty-five square kilometers, and there are approximately thirteen million people residing in it, and includes a number of cities within it Small and large.

Tokyo economy

The Japanese city of Tokyo is the heart of economic and commercial activity in the country; it is a center for industries and other activities, and industrial activities are concentrated in it, especially heavy industries, high technology, mechanical buildings, cars, chemicals, food transformation, and the textile and clothing industry.

The city hosts a newly established port, and the Tokyo Bay is characterized by its very low hall, to the extent that it required the removal of huge quantities of soil in order to be exploitable, and the volume of cargo that is transported through the port is witnessing a continuous increase, and it is directed towards the local market, and one of the most frequently traded products is food and supplies That is sent to the capital markets.

Tokyo includes many other activities, including commercial exchanges internally and externally, and is considered a financial and international center, and managed to occupy the second largest exchange in the world with its stock exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Culture and arts in Tokyo

The Japanese city of Tokyo tops the list of scientific and cultural fields at the national level, as it hosts more than a third of the universities and institutes in the country, and the proportion of students who study at its universities and institutes amounts to 45% of the education in the country, and in addition to that, the Public University of Tokyo, which dates back to its establishment To the year 1877 AD, Keio University, and Waseda University.

Tokyo is interested in culture in its various shapes and colors. It contains many museums that display its culture and civilization, including the Tokyo National Museum. As for libraries, the city includes the National Parliament Library, and festivals are held in the city that show traditional plays that narrate Japanese heritage, including Kabawy theaters, the National Theater and others .

Tourism in Tokyo

Tokyo relies heavily on tourism to develop its national economy. It annually attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, and the most attractive areas for tourists to enjoy are:

  • Ueno Park: The establishment of this park, located in the Taito neighborhood, dates back to 1873 AD, and it is considered one of the first public parks that existed in the country, as it hosts many museums, and it is registered annually to attract tourists with more than ten million visitors annually, and the park is characterized by the fact that it includes Eight thousand trees.
  • Jindai Botanical Garden: The area of ​​this garden extends over the Musaschino plateau to four hundred and twenty five thousand four hundred and thirty square meters in the region of Kufu, and the park contains in its folds various types of plants and trees, including: Umea, cherry, dogwood, and many others.
  • Ancient Orient Museum: This museum specializes in displaying ancient artifacts linked to the Near East and Central Asia, and it occupies a location in the complex of the city of the rising sun, and it hosts Greek artwork.
  • Japanese Sword Museum: Also known as (Hakubutsukan), this type of museum is closely related to the Japanese art of making swords, and the Japanese Art Preservation Society supervises and manages this museum.

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