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The city of Toronto is one of the largest Canadian cities, as it is the capital of the province of Ontario, which is located in the northwestern side of Lake Ontario, and this city is famous for its population density, as it was classified as the fifth most populated city for North America, and it is also one of the most famous tourist cities in the region And there are many distinct places that attract large numbers of tourists annually, and the most famous of these places is the CN Tower, which is famous for being the highest building in all of North America.

Advantages of the city of Toronto

For nearly twenty years, the city of Toronto has been developing significantly. Many concrete and concrete pavements have been built, and many old silos and warehouses in this city have been converted to the best tourist and marine destinations in the whole region, and many distinct public places have been built. Which provides all the services that tourists may need to spend the best times.

The most important tourist places in Toronto

Among the most important beautiful places in this city is the Toronto Lake, which is surrounded by private places to sit, and visitors can enjoy the cool breezes around this lake, and there is the distinctive Lake Ontario, which is located next to the Toronto Musical Park, and in this park many free parties and symphonies take place frequently. Twice a week ”especially in the summer, and near this park is the pool that contains many distinctive sculptures that were placed at the bottom of the fermentation silos, and it is said that these sculptures perpetuate the memory of the twenty thousand immigrants who came from Ireland in the year 1847 AD, and Especially walking and it matter to exercise jogging places, this city and contains the famous CN Tower which is one of the most important tourist destinations for many visitors.

This city is distinguished by the fact that it contains the sea port “Toronto”, which made it one of the main gates that connect all parts of the world with the North American continent. This city is also one of the most important centers of manufacturing and exporting alcohol globally, and it has many distinguished restaurants, cafes and night clubs. This city is famous for being a marine anchor for the Golden Horse area “the area that wraps from Lake Ontario to Niagara Falls”, and one of the most popular tourist destinations when visiting this city is the Royal Ontario Museum, which is the largest museum in Canada. In nearly six million figures and antiques, it contains many sections, the most important and most famous of which are the World Culture Gallery, the World Nature Gallery, and the Bata Shoe Museum, which includes more than ten thousand artifacts belonging to the Bata family. This city contains the cathedral known as James, which is distinguished In its unique Gothic style, this cathedral dates back to 1803 AD, and it is one of the most important features of its stained-glass windows and its distinguished history.


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