Tourism in Tunisia

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Tourist attractions to Tunisia

There are a number of factors that attract tourists in the world, including the following:

  • Geographical location: The country of Tunisia is a unique tourist destination on the continent of Africa, as it overlooks the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Historical monuments: Tunisia contains a number of distinct historical and religious monuments, as well as about 700 memorials, and are represented by palaces, mosques, shrines and fountains.
  • Tunisian culture: The Tunisian culture is distinguished by its great diversity, and the depth of the Tunisian culture is due to its extension from long periods of time, and is determined from the period of Ottoman rule to French rule, as a number of Jews and Christians lived among the Tunisian Muslim population.

It is a tourist place in Tunisia

Tunisia is distinguished by its distinguished tourist places, including the following:

  • the desert: You can visit the Sahara Desert, which covers a small area of ​​the land of Tunisia, and there is a Grand Erg Oriental (sand dunes field) in central Tunisia.
  • Kerkennah Islands: It is represented by a series of low islands, which rise above sea level by a distance of 13 m, and the island of Gerba is connected to the mainland through a road dating back to the time of the Romans, and the area of ​​this island is about 20 x 20 km.
  • Madjerda River: This river extends to Algeria, flows in Tunisia, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea, which is the longest river in Tunisia, reaching 450 km in length.
  • Lake Tunis: This lake is located between Tunisia and the Tunisian Gulf (Mediterranean Sea), and it is a natural lake with low water, and an area of ​​37 km 2.
  • A series of salt lakes: This chain is known as (Shatat), and it is found in the east-west side on the northern side of the desert.
  • Shatt al-Gharsa: This coast is considered to be the lowest area in Tunisia, as it is 17 meters below sea level.
  • Carthage: It is considered one of the most important Roman architectural sites in the country, as the headquarters of the Phoenician Empire is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, which is the most beautiful landscape in the middle of ancient structures, and in it the Roman Palace, which consists of an old palace, a theater, a garden, and bathtubs.
  • Kairouan city: Kairouan has a good number of tourists, because it is the most important city in the Islamic world, as it is famous for its large mosques and its cultural history, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The best tourist times in Tunisia

The weather of Tunisia determines the best time to travel to it. It is reported that the best time to visit the desert is in late September to November, and from March to early May, in this period the weather is cold at night, and the temperature is not significantly high, but tourism to The beaches of Tunisia are preferable to visit in May and June, as well as in the month of September, in these months the beaches are not crowded with large numbers and crowds, and it is worth noting that most tourists visit Tunisia in the months of September and August.


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