Tourism in Turkey Fethiye

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If you are a fan of adventure, you are one of the first guests to read the tourism article in Turkey Fethiye, which was prepared by the Arab Travelers website to shed light on 3 of the most glittering tourist places in the Turkish city of Fethiye overlooking the picturesque Aegean Sea and full of diverse tourist world, which gives you a plentiful opportunity to fight Exciting experiences just thinking about makes you smile automatically from the bottom of your heart.

The most important tourist attractions in Fethiye Turkey

Tourism in Turkey Fethiye - Tourism in Turkey Fethiye

Saklikent Gorge waterway

  • One of the largest waterways in Europe.
  • It represents the deepest and longest waterways in Turkey.
  • Its length is 20 kilometers.
  • It is located between mountain slits.
  • It contains several waterfalls.
  • It includes a bridge, which gives awesome opportunities to take a number of the finest memorable photos.
  • One of the most suitable places to do safari.

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1581258803 292 Tourism in Turkey Fethiye - Tourism in Turkey Fethiye
1581258803 527 Tourism in Turkey Fethiye - Tourism in Turkey Fethiye

Sultan Aqua City

  • It opened in 2002.
  • It occupies an area of ​​6200 square meters.
  • It includes a swimming pool, 10 water slides and a plunge pool, in addition to a number of water facilities for children.
  • It has a lot of fine restaurants and cafes.
  • It has vast green spaces for hiking as well as a number of playgrounds.
  • Many entertainment events are organized.
  • You can enjoy it anytime you want, from 9 AM to 12 PM.
  • Official Website.

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1581258803 290 Tourism in Turkey Fethiye - Tourism in Turkey Fethiye

Kayaköy Village

  • Also known as Lipsius and Levisi.
  • It contains hundreds of remains of Roman buildings.
  • It includes a number of somewhat damaged Orthodox churches that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • There are many stores specialized in selling premium handmade products.
  • Interspersed with several types of plants.
  • It provides an opportunity to experience parachute jumping.
  • It has many restaurants specialized in serving Turkish dishes.

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Best accommodation in Fethiye

Beach Resort Resort

  • It is near the city center.
  • It is distinguished by its natural lake.
  • Official Website.

Elista Yacht Hotel

  • It occupies a privileged location near the marina.
  • Official Website.

Hotel Lithuania

  • Surrounded by vast picturesque greenery.
  • Official Website.

Hillside Beach Hotel

  • One of the best 5-star hotels in Fethiye.
  • Official Website.

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